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Natural cosmetics
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Natural cosmetics use the power of nature effectively for your beauty. Discover natural care products in the YOGISHOP.
Body Oils & Massages
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Massage means pure relaxation and boundless well-being. Accessories such as singing bowls and high-quality oils, ingenious tools for self-massage,...
Essential Oils & Room Fragrance
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Essential oils & room fragrances scent every room and spread a good atmosphere.
Ecological cleaners
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Soap nuts are an interesting traditional detergent from Nepal and India.
Natural cosmetics and massage accessories, Ayurvedic care products, acupressure mats and nasal spatulas for yogic neti cleansing – all this can be found under this heading. The harmony of body, mind and soul plays a major role in both yoga and Ayurveda. As holistic approaches, they offer comprehensive ideas for more well-being and for body care that also caresses the soul, so that the YOGISHOP can draw from the full range here. Ayurvedic products, but also yogic aids for health promotion, soothing acupressure mats and tools for massage can be discovered in the YOGISHOP, as well as a selection of high-quality natural cosmetics and much more.

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