Kaash bowl feel-good for the feet, polished

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Feet to fly - with the massage bowl from Kaash

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Feet to fly - with the massage bowl made of "Kaash"
"Kaash" - a special metal

The AASHWAMEDH foot massage bowl is made from a material called Kaash. It is a special metal mixture consisting mainly of the precious metals copper and tin. The health benefits of this metal mixture are passed on through massage and contact with the skin.

The rediscovery of an ancient tradition
Older people in the remote regions of India know it well. The evening foot massage with a Kaash bowl is highly recommended in Ayurved, the ancient health teachings of India, as an integral part of a healthy daily routine. Forgotten in the meantime, this tranquil massage method has recently experienced a renaissance.

Feet to fly- only one of many benefits
Like much in Ayurved, this type of foot massage seems to be something that is at once simple and yet multi-faceted. The positive effect of a foot massage, which already provides relaxation per se, is given a whole new dimension with the help of the Kaash bowl. At the same time as the relaxation, the foot muscles are strengthened, which provides an incomparable feeling of lightness. After regular use of the Kaash bowl, one's own weight rests on the soles of the feet in a completely different way. One walks with a lighter step - almost as if one wanted to fly with one's own feet!

But this massage routine offers even more. The Ayurvedic texts emphasise several times in connection with Triphala Ghee the positive effect on the eyesight and a pleasant relaxation of the eye muscles. The skin of the soles of the feet remains supple. Cracks as well as congestion in the bloodstream, which can be caused by a vat-pitta imbalance, are to be prevented. The circulation is stimulated and feelings of numbness are counteracted.
In hot summer temperatures, the slightly cooling (Pitta-balancing) and relaxing effect on the eyes is immediately noticeable. In winter, the foot massage is extremely soothing and helps against cold feet.
The copper contained in the Kaash supports the purifying effect of the massage technique as well as the Triphala Ghee.
Kaash well-being bowl: smooth, shiny polished, with cloth bag, approx. 3.5cm high, Ø 8cm.
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8 cm
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Heike writes:
Everything worked out great, I like it very much.
Thank you
Gisela writes:
After the massage, a warm feeling of well-being sets in and sleep becomes long and deep. Wonderful, therefore highly recommended, also as a singing bowl.
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