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Yoga Aktuell 130 - 05/2021

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The autumn issue of YOGA AKTUELL brings you into the new season with verve and creativity.

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The autumn issue of YOGA AKTUELL brings you into the new season with verve and creativity. With Lucie Beyer's workshop you will learn the forearm stand almost playfully, and with the last episode of our Yin Yoga series you will harmoniously use the metal energy.

Yoga practice

Asana: Yin Yoga and the metal element

In TCM, autumn is the season of the metal element, which stands for withdrawal, setting boundaries and letting go. With this sequence by Helga Baumgartner you support the potential of the metal

The forearm stand
Power for the Pincha! With Lucie Beyer you get step by step into the balance posture on the forearms, known as "Pincha-Mayurasana"

Unity in form and movement - why precise alignment in the asanas is important for a health-promoting practice, and how you can attain it. By Mascha Veitsmann.

Advaita Yoga
Enlightenment on the side? Here you will learn yogic techniques to achieve one-pointed concentration and leave behind the veils of clouded perception. By Karma Jigme Dorje (Holger Biallas).

Ayurveda, Health & Nutrition

Siddha Medicine, Part 3: Vital Points
Fighting and Healing: Pressure on certain points on the body can interrupt the flow of vital energy - or release blockages. By Dr Roman Sieler.

Feet well, all is well

How to pamper your feet with loving attention and proven Ayurvedic care and massage rituals. By Doris Neubauer.

Treating Covid-19 holistically
How naturopathic and homeopathic remedies can support the treatment of Covid-19 and how to prevent the condition. By Irene Dalichow.

Vish - vegan fish alternatives
Sean Moxie shows that vegan fish dishes can be easily made - it's just a matter of getting the recipe right! By Sean Moxie.

Very popular in culinary terms, but also extremely interesting as a medicinal plant: what the root with the pleasant pungency can do. By Irene Dalichow.

Yoga philosophy and mysticism

Shakti in Tantra
Yoga philosophy, alive and tangible: the divine feminine energy from the perspective of non-dual Tantra. By Doris Lilienweiss.

The path through fire: Irina Tweedie
The Sufi mystic Irina Tweedie consistently surrendered to the path of love, which requires facing one's own shadows and sincerely longing for truth. By Srila Devi.


A Good Wholeness
Hamsananda and Yoga Shakti have been yoga teachers for more than thirty years - and a couple for almost as long. They spoke to YOGA AKTUELL about tantric kriya yoga, silent retreats and the finer points of teaching. Interview: Nina Haisken.

With Bindu to Immortality?
Nils Jacob Liersch is an Indologist, religious scholar and yogi. In the YOGA-AKTUELL interview, he tells of exciting insights into little-known yoga practices. Interview: Srila Devi.

Building connection
Zen teacher André Steiner sees himself as a heart-opening companion. In the YOGA-AKTUELL interview he talks about the importance of connection and explains simple exercises. Interview: Doris Iding.


Full Moon Meditation for October
Learning to distinguish the essential from the non-essential - a guided imagination. By Wolfgang Bischoff.

Where is my home?
"Where am I really and truly at home?" - multi-layered answers to a question you may have often asked yourself. By Florian Palzinksy.

India's sacred plants, part 5: the Rudraksha tree
The Rudraksha tree is best known for its "wrinkled" seeds, which are used to make malas. By Kevin Johann.

Walking in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi
The Francis Way: the pleasantly little-frequented pilgrimage route in Italy can touch the heart deeply - impressions of our author Doris Iding

Women's Healing Power
The forgotten knowledge of the primal power of the womb - a shamanic approach to the sacred female organ where creation happens. By Sonia Emilia Rainbow.

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