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Eye pillows are a wonderful tip to relax and to do something good for yourself simply and to do something good for yourself without any effort. Various eye pillows with with carefully selected herbal or stone fillings can be found here you can find here.

Eye pillow - the icing on the cake for your moments of well-being

For a little time out in the middle of everyday life, an eye pillow is always a good choice Choice. Eye pillows are small, but fine aids to come to rest, relax and pamper yourself without having to make a big start to do so. An eye pillow is always at hand when you need to take a few minutes to and just want to really switch off for a while. Discover the lovingly crafted eye pillows from YOGISTAR!

What does an eye pillow do?

Maybe wondering what is so special about eye pillows and what their effect is Effect. Isn't it just as relaxing to simply lie down for a while Close your eyes and rest for a while? An eye pillow can support a deep relaxation, whereby several aspects aspects work together. It starts with the fact that many people perceive the (light) weight of the Eyes as very pleasant, almost as if the gentle pressure on the eyes Eyes experience a very light massage through the gentle pressure. In addition, the Eye pillow has a darkening effect similar to that of a sleep mask, which helps you to relax deeply with your eyes closed, even in daylight eyes closed, which you would otherwise only find if your surroundings were shrouded in darkness at night when the surroundings are shrouded in darkness at night. The filling of the eye pillow also plays a decisive role the filling of the eye pillow. Our eye pillows are filled with healing stones with Plants plus organic linseed. What are the different effects of these different effects are attributed to these fillings in aromatherapy and stone healing the different effects attributed to these fillings in aromatherapy and stone healing but also briefly summarised further down on this page.

Eye pillows from YOGISTAR are available in different variations

YOGISTAR basically offers two different types of eye pillows:

  • Eye pillow with healing stones
  • Eye pillows with herbs / blossoms

The Eye pillows with herbs or blossoms, organic linseed is also added, since the plant filling alone would have too low a weight. Thanks to the Thanks to the linseed, these eye pillows also lie optimally on the eye area. The The covers of all our eye pillows are made of fine wild silk. It is pleasant on the skin and does not irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes, and even soothes it and has a slightly cooling effect, which has a positive and soothing effect on puffiness or bags under the eyes.


Eye pillow with healing stones

  • The Eye pillow contains one of the most popular and well-known stones best-known stones. The rock crystal is valued for its clarifying, energetic cleansing quality. From a spiritual point of view one would say: It dissolves what what weighs you down and thus gives you a sense of well-being. The eye pillow Rock crystal is covered in white to match the colour.
  • The Hematite eye pillow with a cover in a beautiful, deep red is said to have an Thanks to the hematite, it is said to have an energising and vitalising effect. These are properties that this stone in the stone medicine among other things are attributed.

Eye pillow with plants and organic Linseed

  • The Eye pillow Rose is filled with blossoms of the beautiful queen of flowers and comes with a cover in a matching colour of delicate rose. The rose is considered harmonising and uplifting. It is no coincidence that it is a symbol of eternal beauty and pure love. Roses have a gentle, heart-opening and relaxing and relaxing quality. They are powerful and majestic, yet at the same time very delicate. Bed your eyes on roses with this eye pillow!

  • Very lavender eye pillow is also very popular. Many people know that lavender is very very calming. With its deep blue, this eye pillow also underlines the particularly underlines the particularly relaxing component, which is in the foreground here is in the foreground. This eye pillow is made to help you relax and forget the stress around you for a while Stress around you for a while.

  • With the eye pillow chamomile immediately puts you in a good mood and almost almost hints at what its filling consists of. Chamomile is a native As a local medicinal plant, and its scent alone awakens a familiar feeling familiar feeling. Just as it soothes the stomach when enjoyed as a tea, it is said to be tea, according to aromatherapy it is also said to have a calming effect on our on our minds through its scent.

  • The Mint Eye Pillow in fresh green is not only visually refreshing - the herbaceous the herbaceous, stimulating scent of mint can awaken the spirits and revive you when you feel tired, listless and stressed. Mint is also in aromatherapy as clarifying and promoting concentration.

Give an eye pillow as a gift

By the way, eye pillows are always a nice gift - everyone can do something with them whether you are a yogi or a non-yogi. That's why eye pillows are one of the YOGISTAR's top gift ideas, which our customers love to give to family and friends Family and friends. Eye pillows stand for "Quality Time" - for soothing little breaks from everyday From everyday stress. Treat yourself to an eye pillow!

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