Copper water - your daily wellness programme!

In Ayurveda as well as in other traditional healing systems, there has always been a main focus on prevention - doing something for your health should be part of your regular routine. After all, a lot can be achieved with small, daily measures. In Ayurveda, one of these simple things that everyone can integrate into their daily routine is drinking copper water, Sanskrit: Tamra-Jala. This is water that has been kept in copper vessels for a short time (e.g. overnight) and has absorbed small amounts of the trace element.

Why copper water?

The recommendation to drink water from copper vessels has mainly to do with the antibacterial effect and the alkaline property of copper. Copper vessels reduce the bacteria contained in drinking water and make the water "softer". Alkaline water not only feels more pleasant, but is also more beneficial to the acid-base balance of the organism. The benefits attributed to the metal copper in Ayurvedic texts also include the harmonisation of all three doshas - one speaks of a tridosha effect. Copper water is classified as heating (ushna) in its thermal potency (virya), the taste is characterised as sweet (madhura), and the quality after digestion (vipaka) is pungent or burning (katu). This results in a whole range of effects that copper water is said to have according to Ayurveda:

  • Copper water is said to aid digestion.
  • It is said to slow down the entire ageing process when used regularly and specifically benefits the skin by supporting cell renewal.
  • Because it promotes the absorption of iron, copper water can counteract anaemia.
  • Copper water is said to aid weight loss, as its heating and pungent properties can reduce kapha excess.
  • In addition, it supports wound healing and prevents infections thanks to its antibacterial effect.
  • It is said that copper water helps against inflammation of the joints and with arthrosis.
  • Copper water is also said to be even nourishing for the heart and to have a positive effect on blood pressure and on cholesterol levels.

In Ayurveda, copper water has always been popular, the knowledge of this traditional Rasayana has never been lost. It is only recently that it is attracting more and more interest from the general public in the West as well - since then, you can also find more and more copper vessels in the trade that are offered especially for the preparation of copper water. These hygienic and beautiful vessels make you want to discover and try out the tradition of copper water for your own healthy lifestyle!

How do I make copper water?

It is recommended to use still water, at about room temperature. The water is simply poured into a copper container for a few hours, for example into one of the high-quality, decorative and practical copper bottles from or into a copper mug, which you can also conveniently order from

How often and in what quantities should I drink copper water?

In the ancient scriptures and from Ayurveda experts, it is recommended to drink copper water directly in the morning on an empty stomach. This is the best way for it to develop its effects. Drinking copper water is considered a regular measure, not a temporary therapy. You can therefore adopt it permanently into your daily routine, but should not exceed a maximum of three cups per day.

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