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Organic Buddha Box Tea Blends, 22 g

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11 fine varieties of Hari tea to try.

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The Buddha Box contains all 11 varieties of Hari Tea in individually sealed cotton bags, each with a small card on the history of the tea variety.

Ingredients: SPIRIT: ginger* (39%), lemongrass* (15%), turmeric*, cardamom*, peppermint*, sage*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon peel*, lemon juice*, rose petals*. * = organic THE SILENCE ITSELF: lime blossom* (52%), chamomile* (26%), ginger*, sage*, turmeric*, black pepper*, rose petals*. * = organic INNER KNOWLEDGE: Rooibos* (52%), thyme* (11%), lemongrass*, honeybush*, cardamom*, peppermint*, cinnamon*, turmeric*, black pepper*, lemon myrtle*, lemon juice*, orange peel*, rose petals*. * = organic NEW SWEET: hibiscus* (21%), fennel*, rosehip*, spearmint* (7%), peppermint* (7%), cinnamon*, green rooibos*, apple*, roasted chicory root*, blackberry leaves*, black pepper*, ginseng*, coconut*, turmeric*, rose petals*. * = organic WITH ALL THE SENSES: green jasmine tea* (42%), ginger* (21%), lemongrass*, turmeric*, peppermint*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, rose petals*. * = organic FOR LOVE: cocoa shells* (54%), anise*, blackberry leaves*, cornflower*, ginger*, hibiscus*, cinnamon*, turmeric*, black pepper*, coconut*, lavender*, chilli* (1%), vanilla*, natural flavouring, rose petals*. * = organic INCREDIBLE: Sencha green tea* (64%), lime blossom*, lemongrass*, elderflower*, basil*, rose petals*, turmeric*, black pepper*. * = organic GOOD BOOOD: Cinnamon*, honeybush* (15%), rosemary* (15%), fennel*, coriander*, ginger*, anise*, cardamom*, black pepper*, blackberry leaves*, star anise*, lemongrass*, green jasmine tea* (2%), turmeric*, rose petals*, cloves*, bay leaf*. * = organic ONLY COURAGE: Wild rose fruit* (rosehip), apple*, fennel*, hibiscus* (17%), beetroot*, blackberry leaves*, rose petals* (3%), juniper berry*, natural flavouring, black pepper*, white pepper*, bay leaf*, lavender*, turmeric*, ginger*. * = organic FOR HARMONY: Black tea* (30%), honeybush*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, orange peel*, cloves*, turmeric*, rose petals*. * = organic LITTLE INGREDIENT: Sencha green tea* (44%), peppermint* (42%), spearmint*, blackberry leaves*, orange extract*, turmeric*, black pepper*, rose petals*, chilli extract* (<2%). * = organic
300ml (2 cups) per bag. Brewing time: 3-6 minutes, depending on the variety. Temperature: 80 - 100 degrees, depending on the variety.
100 % organic, EWG 834/2007 standard, EU organic logo, organic label, EU agriculture / non-EU agriculture, NOP
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La Alternativa B.V., Weteringschans 108, 1017XS Amsterdam
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11 Ayurvedic herbal and spice tea blends
Hari Tea
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Marion writes:
The different types of tea were all super tasty.
I would buy again immediately and also give as a gift.
Evelin writes:
Very nice packaging and also tea certainly good.
Good idea so many varieties in one box, bought as a gift for my yogis
for my yogis.
Patricia writes:
Lovely compilation of different delicious teas. On the back of the tea bags there is a little text to accompany you throughout the day. Absolutely recommended purchase from my side!
Doreen writes:
The tea was given away. That's why I can't make a statement. But the shipping was lightning fast on request. Thank you very much. :)
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