Carry-Bottle 0,7 l

High-quality glass drinking bottle with various prints.

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With the CARRY glass bottle, you are consciously choosing a drinking bottle that is impressive in terms of quality, functionality and design. CARRY has invested valuable thoughts, a lot of work and even more joy. CARRY stands for value combined with aesthetics - the perfect mix of the right and the beautiful.

Regionally produced:
The bottles are manufactured in Lower Saxony. The raw glass through to the packaging for this also comes from Lower Saxony.


The drinking bottle is leak-proof, even with carbonated drinks.

Suitable for carbonated drinks:
In addition to still water from the tap or water dispenser, you can also fill your bottle with other drinks.

100% BPA free:
All Carry-Bottles are BPA free, BPS free and contain no plasticisers.

CARRY stands for health and sustainability. That's why the closure is made of materials that meet the quality standards of Carry-Bottles, which means they are good for our health and protect our environment:
The closure is made of biodegradable wood fibres and polypropylene (PP), which is free of harmful substances such as BPA and softeners.
- A sealing disc made of silicone inside the closure ensures that it fits the bottle without gaps. This means that the drinking bottle remains leak-proof, even with carbonated drinks.

- The cap is easy to clean thanks to the removable sealing disc and is also dishwasher safe. This makes it particularly easy to clean.
- The closure is handy and functional. It is easy to grip and offers you comfortable opening and closing.

- The material of the closure is durable and also recyclable. This relieves the environment of waste.

Is the bottle unbreakable?
The drinking bottle is made of robust glass so that it can accompany you in everyday life for as long as possible. It is so-called soda-lime glass, which consists of natural raw materials such as sand. The bottle is break-proof in case of minor impacts. Nevertheless, glass remains fragile, which is why you should protect the bottle from falling from a great height.

Is the drinking bottle dishwasher safe?

Yes, the drinking bottle is suitable for the dishwasher.

Can you fill it with hot water?

The bottle can be filled with hot water. BUT PLEASE NOTE: Glass does not like extreme temperature fluctuations, it can cause the glass to burst. If you still want to fill your bottle with hot tea water, you can first rinse the bottle with hot water to preheat it. This simple procedure prevents the bottle from getting a thermal shock.
When filling with hot water, you should also make sure that the bottle gets hot and that you protect yourself from burns. If you want to make iced tea from your hot tea, you should let the tea cool down slowly and please do not put the hot bottle in the fridge immediately. Because what applies to heating the bottle quickly also applies to cooling it.

How much does the bottle weigh?
The weight of the bottle without contents is 0.51 kg.

Entire description
Soda-lime glass
0.6 kg
7.3 cm
7.3 cm
26 cm
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