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They absorb sweat and fit into any sports bag or handbag to be taken to the yoga studio or events Yoga studio or to events.

Mat pads / yoga towels - the most practical utensil of all! most practical utensil ever!

Yoga towels, also called yogatowels (our top product is called accordingly yogitowel"), are hygienic mat covers that give you that extra bit of a great deal of extra hygiene without any effort. Up to now you often saw Yoga practitioners put towels on their mats. Towels from the bathroom Towels from the bathroom are only suitable to a limited extent, because they slip On the yoga mat, waving and perhaps hindering the practice of the asanas Asanas. Yoga towels, on the other hand, have been specially designed as mat pads and therefore therefore offer slip resistance on both sides.

The advantages of a yoga towel for you

  • The yoga towel provides extra hygiene because it absorbs sweat and keeps it away from the yoga mat it away from the yoga mat.
  • The hygiene extra applies twice when practising on other people's yoga mats (in a yoga studio, etc.) yoga studio etc.): the yoga towel not only keeps sweat etc. away from the yoga mat, but it also Yoga mat, but at the same time gives you your own hygienic base, that you have brought for yourself and with which you feel comfortable
  • The yoga towel is easy and hassle-free to wash.
  • The Yoga towel fits into any bag and brings little weight.
  • The Yoga towel is non-slip on both sides and lies well on your yoga mat.

Your Yoga towel: the custom-made mat topper

The yoga towel - a must-have for all those who often practise on foreign mats

In most yoga schools most yoga schools, the yoga mats cannot be cleaned after every use after each use. Often there are several classes a day, there is a "flying change" between the students of the different classes There is a "flying change" between the students of the different yoga classes. It is not even possible to cleaning with a damp cloth or mat cleaner is not even possible and the yoga mats can only be washed in the machine because of the mats can only be washed occasionally because of the time-consuming procedure. That is why many bring their own bring their own yoga mat instead of practising on the yoga mats provided mats provided - partly, of course, because they prefer the familiar mat mat and are more comfortable with it. However, if you don't always want to mat with you all the time, e.g. because you go to the yoga studio directly after work or you have plans after the yoga class and don't want to carry the mat with you all the time yoga mat with you all the time, then a yoga towel is ideal in any bag, you hardly have any extra weight with you and you still have your own and still have your own hygienic mat. So you don't have to worry about about whether someone else on the mat before you has sweated profusely on the mat. And you leave a clean yoga mat for the next person to use Yoga mat. This advantage also pays off at large yoga events. Without much You have your own mat support, but you can also use the yoga mats provided by the organiser Yoga mats provided by the organiser. For yoga holidays the Yoga towel is also a good tip for yoga holidays, as it saves space in your suitcase and is a great a great alternative to the yoga mat in your luggage

Especially for hot yoga, a yoga towel is Yoga towel is almost indispensable

Yogatowels are not only, but especially often used in Hot Yoga. Also our "yogi-mini-towel", a sweat towel, is a great utensil for this yoga style a great utensil. By the way:  If you also hot yoga, we would like to recommend our new yogimat yogimat yogimat hot yoga, which is available in different extraordinary looks and and can also be used without a yoga towel for hot yoga. The yogimat image yoga mat is also a thin a thin model made of microfibre, which gains traction with every drop of sweat and never and will never leave you standing in a puddle.

Which of our yoga mats is your Favourite mat pad? Here's a quick overview of the yoga towels from the YOGISHOP, including the yogi-mini-towel:

The yogitowel yoga cloth

The yogitowel is the proven classic yoga cloth from the manufacturer YOGISTAR. Non-slip on both sides, it clings to the mat and stays in place even in dynamic vinyas where you put it at the beginning of the yoga class, even in dynamic vinyasas unlike ordinary towels, which often slip or ripple during the first asana or throw waves during the first asana. After use, this yoga towel can easily be in the washing machine and even in the dryer, and you'll have a completely hygienic you have a completely hygienic mat for the next yoga session Yoga session. The yogitowel has a beautiful border and can also be used to keep Can also be used for warming, e.g. in Shavasana or during meditation. Very very popular with hot yogis, among others

The yogitowel de luxe yoga towel

The deluxe version of the yogitowel is a mat pad that gives you even more slip Slip resistance than the standard yoga towel. With its silicone nubs, this this upgrade of the yogitowel is really ingenious! By the way, this yoga towel is available in a wide range of colours.

The yogi-mini-towel yoga towel

This Yoga towel is not intended to be used as a mat support, but as a sweat towel with which you can use to dry yourself in between. It absorbs sweat very well and and simply locks it in until the next wash. This yoga towel is also Yoga towel is very easy to store.

Tip: Yoga towels can also serve as a also serve as a mat substitute

If you're on the road and can't take a yoga mat with you, just pack your yoga towel in your bag your yoga towel in your suitcase - when travelling, it can even replace the yoga mat yoga mat, because the yoga towel offers you a clean, non-slip surface and can be and because it is so easy to wash, it can also be used outside because it can get dirty from time to time

Yoga towels and mat pads in the press

YOGA AKTUELL writes in its issue no. 66:
Well laid out: More than disdainful towels
Yoga towels or mat pads are practical companions

"In recent years, more and more yogis and yoginis are using Yoginis have been using so-called towels or mat pads. These new tools have the Advantage that they can be transported more comfortably than a mat and then simply simply lay them over the yoga mats in the studio to practise on their own hygienic surface, hygienic surface to practise on. They are also easy to wash and are usually very non-slip very non-slip. The "yogitowels" from Yogistar, for example, have proved their worth are absolutely non-slip on both sides and discreetly absorb perspiration, which can of course be which can of course be washed off afterwards without any problems. New is the "yogitowel deluxe", a version with nubs that cling to the mat. Mat pads are not only practical, but can also be a real eye-catcher..."

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