Yogablock yogiblock® basic - art collection - hand of fatima - zen black

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The "hand of Fatima" is used in the Middle East and the Maghreb region since ancient times as a protective symbol.

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The "hand of Fatima" has been used as a protective symbol in the Middle East and the Maghreb region since ancient times. The matching block for the yogimat basic "hand of fatima" from the art collection.

Why you must have the yogablock yogiblock basic:

  • This yoga block is your all-round yoga block with a wide range of uses Possible uses.
  • The yogablock yogiblock basic is pleasantly light, yet very stable.
  • This model is available in a great choice of colours.

Learn about the yogablock yogiblock basic in detail:
The Yogiblock basic is a super light tool for the yoga practice Yoga practice. The yoga block was developed under the aspects of light weight, Stability and robustness. The low weight of the yogablock yogiblock basic is particularly useful for transport and travel.

Yoga blocks are often used in yoga classes to simplify or intensify certain postures to simplify or intensify certain postures.

Use the yoga block, for example, to support the hands in standing postures such as Trikonasana, or as a support for the hands in the peacock pose (Mayurasana) Peacock posture (Mayurasana) or to support the hips in the bridge posture (Setubandha-Sarvangasana), to name just a few examples name a few. The yoga block allows you to adapt exercises more precisely to your needs and to make and make greater progress. For beginners or less yogis, many a posture that cannot be done without the block can only be cannot be achieved without the block. For advanced yogis the yoga block can also be used to make asanas even more challenging and to and, for example, to strengthen a particular stretch.
The yogablock yogiblock basic is a classic tool that is not only used in not only in Iyengar Yoga, where traditionally a lot is done with aids restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga, but also in many other forms of asana practice Asana practice can also be extremely useful. A must-have that proves itself again and again! To be able to work on both sides (i.e. for example (i.e. to be able to place a block under both hands or both knees parallel it is advisable to have at least two blocks at hand at all times.

As Standard block and classic in the range, the yogiblock basic is the yoga is the yoga block we recommend most often to studios. Many Yoga schools in Germany and internationally have been using this block for years and for years and would not want to do without it.
Get the yogablock yogiblock basic and expand your asana practice with many new possibilities! your asana practice with many new possibilities! Find your favourite colours that harmonise perfectly with your yoga mat and make your practice more colourful in every way.

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • YOGISTAR is a specialist for yoga equipment. You can see the many years of know-how the quality of the products.
  • Variety is an important topic at YOGISTAR, because the large selection is to offer every yogi and every yogini the individually suitable tools.
  • Also Service is also written in capital letters: The YOGISTAR online shop offers good and friendly friendly advice and fast delivery.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogablock yogiblock basic

  • Do I need one or two yoga blocks?
    Since yoga blocks are very often used on both sides (under both hands or under both feet), it makes sense to buy yoga blocks in pairs yoga blocks in pairs. However, there are also uses where you can get by with just one yoga block one yoga block (e.g. placed under the buttocks).

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100% EVA
both sides
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22 cm
11 cm
7.4 cm
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