As these socks are specially made for yoga, you don't have to worry about slipping. Quite the On the contrary: many of the yoga socks available from us even provide additional grip Grip.

Yoga socks keep your feet your feet warm

Cool yoga rooms, outdoor sessions - or just a notorious Tendency to have cold feet: good reasons to wear socks during yoga practice, even if this seems unusual at first. Our yoga socks pack your feet your feet well, so they don't have to freeze on the mat. Finally it is important to keep your feet warm - because  the feet are connected to other parts of the organism (as the meridian teachings confirm) and it is not of the organism and it is not good for your health if they cool down. In addition, you should simply feel completely comfortable during the asana practice, and and our yoga socks contribute to this very well. The cosy wool socks in particular Wool socks in particular are great foot warmers.

Giving yoga socks Grip

Yoga socks can also serve the purpose of giving extra grip and preventing an obstructive slide, grip and prevent you from slipping on the mat (or on the floor, in case you ever on the floor, if you practise without a yoga mat). Grippy Yoga socks with nubs provide a great grip, which can be very helpful in many can be very helpful in many asanas and a good support for your practice

For sensitivity: toe socks for your asana practice Asana practice

You're worried that socks will cause you to lose your sense of the Or lose sensitivity when, for example, it comes to grounding yourself through your feet / toes? Toe socks ensure that you each toe individually on the ground and move each toe separately move each toe separately.

Yoga socks are on Trend

It wasn't that long ago that most yogis and Yoginis would have wondered about the category "yoga socks". For a long time it was more for a long time, it was more common to wear socks in fitness, but not in yoga. Recently Yoga socks have become more common and more and more practitioners are yoga socks are a great benefit - whether because of the pleasant warmth or because of the extra grip. Yoga socks  are - quite rightly - on the rise!

In the YOGISHOP you will find different yoga socks

The YOGISHOP already offers you a wide range of yoga socks Yoga socks, the YOGISHOP already offers a selection of different models, ranging from toe socks Toe socks to half-open socks

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