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In this category you will find yoga mats that have been have emerged as particular favourites among our customers. Models from different segments with different benefits for different tastes - have a look at our "Customers'' Favourites". Favourite materials, Favourite colours... these yoga mats have everything you want in a favourite yoga mat Favourite yoga mat.

Favourite yoga mats made from natural materials

The yogimat sun

The yogimat sun is a real favourite yoga mat, because it is a top quality yoga mat of the latest generation. This absolutely ultra-slip yoga mat made from a special rubber-latex mixture offers comfortable dimensions and beautiful, bright colours that immediately catch the eye immediately. Many customers say that the yogimat sun surpasses anything they have they have ever seen in the yoga mat sector. Indeed, this Favourite yoga mat is something very special!

The yogimat pure eco

This model was the first rubber yoga mat in our range and is and is still a favourite yoga mat, because it has simply proven itself and offers all the advantages of natural rubber, such as very high slip resistance Slip resistance. The yogimat pure eco yoga mat is virtually the classic in the Segment of rubber mats.

The yogimat kork

The fact that the yogimat kork is an absolute favourite yoga mat for many yogis and yoginis is a Is an absolute favourite yoga mat for many yogis and yoginis Material for a yoga mat is of course an eye-catching feature that makes this model unique and attractive and attractive. Whoever would not have thought that you can actually practice Asanas on cork, you should definitely see for yourself.

The yogimat natural - virgin wool

The yogamat yogimat natur - virgin wool is particularly popular with seminar centres and with therapists therapists and owners of various kinds of practices, because this this cuddly and warming mat conveys a feeling of security and contributes and contributes to the feeling of well-being - during yoga, meditation or even e.g. in a therapeutic setting. For many years now, the yogimat natur has been yogimat natur has been one of the best-selling mats in the YOGISHOP for many years par excellence. 

Other Favourite yoga mats

The yogimat pro

The yoga mat yogimat pro is a favourite for many for several reasons a favourite yoga mat for several reasons: this model has top non-slip properties and is is also suitable for latex allergy sufferers thanks to the TPE foam material its other properties are very similar to those of rubber. Also in terms of Environmental friendliness, this favourite yoga mat can easily compete with rubber mats Rubber mats, as TPE is an organically decomposable material that is completely completely pollutant-free material. The yogimat pro yoga mat has become an indispensable yogimat pro is a favourite yoga mat that we are always happy to recommend recommend it again and again.

The yogimat light

The yogamat yogimat light has a microfibre surface that feels extremely comfortable on the skin and is especially moisture-proof skin and offers a high degree of slip resistance, especially when exposed to Slip resistance, especially when exposed to moisture. For the slip resistance of the underside, i.e. for the the good grip of this favourite yoga mat, is also ensured. Besides almost cotton-like feel, which is particularly appreciated by many practitioners, the many practitioners, the light weight of this favourite yoga mat is also a great Weight of this favourite yoga mat is also a great advantage, because it can be transported mat can be transported without any problems - whether to a yoga studio, a yoga festival, a retreat Retreat, to a yoga session with friends, etc. If you often travel with your yoga mat will not want to miss this advantage! The yogimat light offers several great features at once, which clearly make it a favourite yoga mat Favourite yoga mat.

Find your Favourite yoga mat

Which yoga mat has the potential to become your personal Yoga mat has the potential to become your personal favourite yoga mat individual wishes and preferences, as well as the style of yoga you practise and your style of yoga you practise and the special requirements that this style may that this style may bring with it. Criteria and relevant questions for finding your favourite yoga mat for you include:

  • Which material do you prefer? Should it be a natural material? natural material? Do you prefer a special material such as microfibre or cork? prefer? Are there any allergies to consider?
  • What slip resistance requirements should your Yoga mat meet? Do you practise a style of yoga whose asana practice requires a very high slip resistance of the yoga mat? very high slip resistance of the yoga mat? Do you sweat a lot, so that your favourite yoga mat should remain non-slip even under the should remain undiminished non-slip?
  • Is the price of your favourite yoga mat allowed to be a little higher? or does the price play an important role for the selection?
  • What is the situation with regard to appearance and colours? Which Model is your favourite here?

Of course, your favourite yoga mat can also change over time Yoga style or because your personal preferences have simply changed your personal preferences have simply changed. In the wide assortment of the YOGISHOP, you are sure to find the right model for you - here in the category "Favourite yoga mats" section, which we have compiled on the basis of customer feedback or in one of our other yoga mat categories

If you need help in finding your absolute Yoga mat, you can of course always contact our friendly customer service team our friendly customer service: the competent team is there to help and advise you and advice, and will provide you with all the detailed information about the Yoga mats that you need for your decision. Of course you will also find the individual product descriptions for the various yoga mats you will find a lot of further information.

Your favourite yoga mat from the YOGISHOP

Your favourite yoga mat from the YOGISHOP is in any case a quality product developed with a lot of love and know-how. Your Yoga mat should last you a long time through your yoga practice and through your hopefully always enriching experiences when practising the asanas asanas. We wish you a lot of joy with your favourite yoga mat and are always we are always happy to receive feedback on your mat!

Favourite yoga mat not found?

If your personal favourite yoga mat is not listed in this section, be sure to also in this section, be sure to check out our many other yoga mat categories Yoga mat categories. There, many different models are waiting to be discovered by you, to be discovered by you. Variety is a top priority in the YOGISHOP range so that we really do have a favourite yoga mat for every taste and need Favourite yoga mat (and of course favourite equipment) for every taste and need. The selection presented here in the "Favourite yoga mats" section reflects the favourites of many customers Many customers' favourites, but the other models also have a large number of fans.. a large number of fans... In fact, every yoga mat from the YOGISHOP is a favourite yoga mat!


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