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Yoga mat yogimat® ultra grip - used melange

Discover the ultimate! Extremely non-slip yoga mat with PU surface.

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Discover the ultimate!

The yogimat ultra grip is an extremely non-slip yoga mat with a PU surface. This model is a phenomenon: in spite of the sensational traction, which remains 100% even when exposed to moisture (or even increases!), it allows a deliberate "slipping".
Why you need the yogimat ultra grip yoga mat:

  • This mat has the absolute grip! This is also true when exposed to moisture.
  • The materials PU and PVC are also suitable for allergy sufferers who cannot practice on latex/natural rubber mats.
  • The yogimat® ultra grip is more abrasion-resistant than natural rubber yoga mats.
  • Of course the yogamat yogimat ultra grip is pollutant-free: without AZO, without DOP, without phthalates.

Get to know the yogamat yogimat ultra grip in detail:

This yoga mat is the first choice when it comes to slip resistance! The surface of the yogimat® ultra grip consists of PU, a super-slip-resistant and durable material. The PVC underside is also extremely durable and adheres well to the floor. It is therefore a very robust yoga mat that is non-slip on both sides and gives even latex allergy sufferers the opportunity to practice on a particularly non-slip yoga mat, which offers absolute grip even in demanding yoga styles and retains it even when a lot of sweat flows. It is also noteworthy that slipping - if desired - on this yoga mat is quite possible despite the extremely high slip resistance, which can often be very helpful in flows.

As mentioned above, the yogamat yogimat® ultra grip, like our other synthetic mats, is free of AZO (solvents), free of DOP (benzene in plasticizer) and free of phthalates and heavy metals. The yogamat yogimat® ultra grip is not machine washable, but it is a hygienic material that is easy to clean. Of course you will find matching bags for the yogamat yogimat® ultra grip in our assortment (see also Overview and FAQ).

With a thickness of 5mm this model also offers a nice thickness, which in combination with the properties of both materials not only cushions and insulates well, but also insulates wonderfully, so that you don't have to freeze even on cold floors. The yogamat yogimat® ultra grip is a high-quality model that meets the highest demands and is ideal for any type of asana practice, no matter which yoga style you practice. The yogamat yogimat® ultra grip is one of the particularly exclusive and high-quality models in the YOGISTAR range and is also available in the design variant "Indian Flower".

Conclusion: The yogamat yogimat ultra grip is particularly suitable for

  • all who want reliable Super-Grip in all Asanas
  • all those who want to be able to "slice" in flows on the mat without this being at the expense of slip resistance

latex allergy sufferers

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • YOGISTAR offers diverse and innovative yoga equipment, which is characterized by quality and beautiful design.
  • Materials with great performance are always the focus of YOGISTAR's new product developments.
  • Also the friendly, fast and competent service of the online shop is praised again and again.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogamat yogimat ultra grip:

  • Can I wash the yogamat yogimat ultra grip? If so, how?
        This mat is wipeable and can be cleaned with standard yogamat sprays.
  • What are the dimensions?
        183 cm x 66 cm x 5 mm
  • In which pockets does my new yogamat yogimat ultra grip fit?
        Yogibag basic zip cotton big, yoga bag basic zip cotton big plus 73 cm (offers space for additional equipment)
  • Is the yogamat ultra grip also available in rolls?
        No, this model is not available in rolls.
  • Which other mats are similar to the yogimat ultra grip?
        Yogamat yogimat Pro (made of TPE foam, also super-slip-resistant and latex-free), yogamat yogimat ultra (made of EPDM, also super-slip-resistant and latex-free)
Entire description
can be wiped with a damp cloth, please note: Surface quickly becomes stained on contact with care products
Suitable bag
Yogibag basic zip cotton big; Yogabag basic zip cotton big plus 73 cm (space for additional equipment)
20% PU, 80% PVC
Initial production odour, disappears after airing out
2.443 kg
183 cm
66 cm
0.5 cm
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Birgit writes:
This is the best mat I've had so far. It is a bit thicker, so it also protects well against cold floors. The surface is smooth but still (inexplicably) not slippery. If you hold an asana for longer, you sink in a bit. Maybe that is part of the solution. In Shavasana, it feels super soft because of this. If you only touch the mat lightly, for example when jumping through, you can also slide. With a little practice with the foot tension, you can also slide very slowly and controlled in Hanumanasana.
Because the surface is so smooth, the mat is easy to wipe clean. It does not attract dirt or lint. My dog makes something like mini cuts in the surface with his claws, without any consequences so far. Otherwise, the mat is sturdy and has a velvety look, which I think looks pretty in green. A clear recommendation for power yoga, hatha and yin.
Sophia writes:
I have already tried mats from 3 different high-quality brands, because I have a lot of problems with my sweaty hands and I couldn't do different yoga positions properly because I always slid on the mat. I really searched for a long time and tried out a lot. I no longer believed that there was a mat on which I wouldn't slip. Then I discovered the ultra grip mat, ordered it and voila I have 0.0 problems with my hands - I am the happiest person in the world. The mat is great, feels very high quality, looks great and above all, I don't slip a millimetre anymore - I'm totally thrilled!

I can only recommend the mat to anyone who has problems with sweaty hands (or feet)!
Thank you for designing this mat!
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