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For centuries, people in Nepal and in parts of India have been washing their clothes with so-called "soapnuts" (English: soapnuts, botanical name: Sapindus Trifoliatis). Still an insider tip in this country, we offer you genuine Nepalese loose shells.

How does it work?
The shell of soap nuts contains the substance saponin, which works similarly to soap. Ironically, soap nuts are used in the Western world to extract the saponin and produce industrially manufactured soap from it - whereas the original use, namely directly as a detergent, went unnoticed for a long time.

Do soap nuts contain saponin?

When the soap nuts come into contact with water in the washing machine, the saponin is dissolved out and has the same effect as conventional detergent.
Instead of detergent, simply put about seven or eight half soap nuts in a small linen bag and place it in the drum of your washing machine.

The effect will be amazing

The effect will positively surprise you: Soap nuts make amazingly clean! All the usual stains are removed, just like by normal washing powder. Only very stubborn stains, e.g. from red wine or blood, cannot be removed by soap nuts any more than by conventional washing powder.
We were very surprised during our tests that the laundry was pleasantly soft after washing - just like after adding fabric softener! Adding a fabric softener is thus explicitly not necessary.

The scent of laundry washed with soap nuts is completely neutral - if you prefer scented laundry, simply add a few drops of essential oil to the linen bag containing the soap nuts: Lavender, rose, orange, lemongrass - the variety of scents is almost unlimited.

Allergy sufferers can rejoice Washing nuts are a great alternative especially for allergy-plagued, sensitive people and for neurodermatitis patients. Because the laundry no longer itches on the skin and the shampoo broth is also extremely mild. Anyone who thinks that this unusual and environmentally friendly washing option is also expensive is mistaken. Washing with normal detergent costs more than twice as much.

6 x 1000g Btl.

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