Ayurvedic Kajal, colourless-cold - for men

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This kajal has been a tried and tested eye care product and make-up for thousands of years.

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The almost colourless eyelid pencil has a strong cooling effect and ensures optimal recovery of the eyes. Never wake up with bags and puffy eyes again! Made from the best natural ingredients such as ghee and beeswax, the colourless kajal gently clears your eyes.

In various Lakshmi Kajals, the Cold designation refers to the pleasantly cool camphor content in the recipe. Purified, natural camphor (not to be confused with the synthetic camphor that is so often warned against) is said not only to disinfect but also to prevent inflammation. Red veins can disappear more quickly due to the astringent effect, which is why the eyes seem whiter again. The lacrimal fluid is also stimulated more strongly and makes for brighter eyes.

Lakshmi Kajal is very economical in use. It is applied evenly by placing the tip sideways and twisting it slightly. You therefore do not need a sharpener.

Ingredients: Ghee (Ayurvedic clarified butter), lanolin, coconut oil, castor oil, Karnoba wax, beeswax, natural camphor flakes (9%), almond oil, mint extract

Lakshmi's Ayurvedic kajal is free of preservatives, is subject to constant control and is regularly tested by renowned institutes.

Ayurvedic kajal, colourless, 1.5g.

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