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Yoga Aktuell 75 - 04/2012

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Special Dossier Topic: Consciousness, plant drugs and yoga - a topic between intoxication and taboos.

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Special Dossier Topic: Consciousness, plant drugs and yoga - a topic between intoxication and taboos

Plants are an important part of nature and can enrich human existence in many ways - whether as food, as a remedy in the classical sense or by feeding our consciousness with their energy. Patanjali already listed them as a means through which the mysterious siddhis can be attained. What experiences one can have with the help of plants, what is hidden behind the famous soma of the Vedas and what today's yogis think about herbal intoxicants is the subject of our dossier this time.

Yoga & Plants
What is meant by yogic use of plants and psychoactive substances?

The intoxication of healing

On the use of psychoactive plants in a ritual context. By Friedrich & Irene Rehrnbeck.

Stoned to enlightenment?

A and yet justified topic - the use of psychoactive substances Substances. What do yoga teachers and spiritual teachers think about it and what experiences do they have? what experiences do they themselves have? Interviews: Doris Iding.

Catalysts for the soul
Unlocking the filters of perception: a portrait of some entheogenic plants. By Joe Romanski.

Shiva and his Sadhus
Hemp in India is inextricably linked with the great god Shiva. What Role the plant plays in the Shiva cult and how the sadhus consume it consume it. By Doris Iding.

The secret of the Soma plant

Based his extensive studies of original Vedic source texts and his knowledge of his knowledge of Ayurveda and plants, David Frawley contributes illuminating impulses to the discussion on the legendary soma plant.

The Otherworld, the Door Opener and Me
The The longing for an almost lost mystical world, to which we to which we might once have had access as children, sends us on a search A search that may include experiences with psychoactive plants can be part of it. By Doris Iding.

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