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Flaska Drinking Bottle GRIP 0,5 l

The programmed drinking bottle made of robust glass with protective silicone cover.

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The Flaska is a drinking bottle that helps you take care of your health and our environment Health and our environment. It is made of glass and programmed using the TPS process. The bottle programmed in this way changes the vibrational structure of the water.

The glass bottle - robust, health & environmentally friendly:

The Flaska water bottle is made of robust glass, which is very resistant to drops and impacts and will survive a large part of everyday everyday accidents. The protective cover made of silicone contributes to the fact, the bottle can withstand a lot more than the usual accidents, so the Flaska will remain your everyday companion for a long time. Glass also does not release any harmful substances into drinks and food and leaves no unpleasant smell or taste. It does not endanger your health. Glass also helps to protect the glass also helps to protect the environment due to its high recycling content. The bottles for bottles are produced in a glassworks in Florence, Italy italy.

The programming
The glass, which is programmed using the TPS process, changes the structure of the water in the Flaska.*

Water runs on its way from the source to the tap through long, straight pipes made of different materials - lead, asbestos, Plastic. This is not the natural environment of water, which in which in nature runs over different rocks and through various layers of earth layers of earth. The materials with which the water comes into contact influence the water with their vibration influence the water with their vibrations, and this vibrational influence is for a certain period of time - the coherent domains of the water molecules The coherent domains of the water molecules also allow this vibration to reverberate for a longer period of time [1]. Something similar happens in plastic bottles or water balloons in which the water does not move for a long time the water does not move for a long time.

Structuring the water with the help of the TPS process:
With the Flaska, the vibratory structure of the water is approximated to its structure, i.e. that of the water in its natural environment Environment. A vibration structure is created in the glass with the help of the TPS process (technology of the Programming of silicon), a vibration programme is inscribed into the glass of different information from nature.

Tips for use:

  • Do not wash the Flaska in the dishwasher and do not put it near appliances with strong electromagnetic radiation  (e.g. microwave ovens that are switched on).
  • The vibration structuring of the water starts as soon as you pour water pour water into the bottle - wait at least five minutes to achieve the full effect Effect.
  • Shake the bottle a few times before drinking. The water "likes" movement, the effect of the vibratory structuring will be even more strengthen as the coherent domains spread out and solidify.

Capacity: 0.5 l.
Scope of delivery: Flaska glass bottle incl. protective silicone cover

* Studies on the effectiveness:
Various studies have compared the water from the Flaska with water that was water that was not in the Flaska. The measurements have shown various Changes in the water, which Flaska describes with the term "vibration-structured water". The methods used Methods applied have so far been counted among the methods of evidence of the so-called alternative sciences and are not recognised by the official science and accepted standards.

 [1] Arani R, Bono I, Del Giudice E, et al. QED coherence and the thermodynamics of water. Int J Mod Physics 1995; 9: 1813-41.

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