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The Yoga Aktuell special on meditation and mindfulness.

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YOGA AKTUELL SPEZIAL N° 5: Meditation & Mindfulness

Includes free DVD with practice instructions!

Experience Meditation
Meditation - why it is so important and how to learn it: An introduction to a particularly rewarding yoga practice. By Anna Trökes.

How to find a good meditation seat

Different sitting postures, briefly introduced. By Anna Trökes.

The path to samadhi

Meditation as an access to higher states of consciousness: different stages of Samadhi and the awakening of Kundalini Shakti. By Pandit Vamadeva Shastri.

Yoga for meditators

A suitable asana practice is the ideal preparation for meditation. We show you a series of exercises that calms the mind and prepares you for sitting upright for long periods of time. By Stephanie Schönberger.

I am not this because I am all this
About the meditation "Inner Silence" and what is so liberating about sitting down
and close your eyes. By Hamsananda.

Meditation for Beginners
If you can breathe, you can meditate: How to approach meditation and make friends with it - perhaps a wonderful friendship for life. By Julia Johannsen.

The meditation cushion: my friend, my enemy, my island

Silence, strict rules, sitting for hours ... and yet a great adventure: a meditation retreat is an intense (self-)experience. By Doris Iding.

Focusing your gaze inwards: Pratyahara
Pratyahara, introspection, is an important step on the path to a calm mind. By Eberhard Bärr.

The teaching of meditation

Reflections and tips for all who wish to teach meditation. By Sukadev Bretz.

From action to meditation

What conditions can one create to enter the state of meditation? Basic hints and concrete tips. By Swami Durgananda.

Sun Meditation

The secret of light - How the sun helps us to grow within. By Marianne Scherer.


Yoga-Nidra is a special body meditation with an old tradition and leads us back to our centre. By Anna E. Röcker.

A meditation for the evening
In the evening review of the day, we can become attentive to subtle sensations and And life lessons that are all too easily lost in everyday life everyday happenings. By Bernhard Spirkl.

Embracing the imperfections of life
Ursula Lyon is one of the oldest yoga and meditation teachers in the German-speaking world. She spoke to YOGA AKTUELL about meditation and the power of the power of compassion. Interview: Melanie Müller.

Developing self-compassion

We should direct our love and compassion to all beings equally all beings equally. Unfortunately, we often forget one important Person: ourselves. By Melanie Müller.

The Way of Zen - An Art of Living

Breathing easily, not having to achieve anything - a challenge for the People of our time. Why the effort is worthwhile and what treasure anna Gamma, a Zen teacher, explains why the effort is worthwhile and what treasure awaits us within
From darkness to inner light
Darkness has a transforming power, because it leads us back to an original state to a primal state. In darkness retreats, meditators can Meditators can taste this experience. By Marion Hötzel.

Christian mysticism
The Christian tradition also knows meditation. In prayer and Contemplation we can find a healing silence and a deep connection with the Connection with the divine. By Julia Johannsen.

Meditation with the sacrament of the forest: ayahuasca

The Amazonian liana and its ritual use as a key to the wisdom of the soul. By Flor da Floresta.

Plant Devas - The Souls of Plants

In recent years, plant souls have once again increasingly attracted the The attention of people. As macroscopic beings they convey the multifaceted knowledge of the cosmos to those who are open to it Cosmos. By Doris Iding.

Special forms of meditation

To meditate, we do not necessarily have to sit quietly or be still be still. There are many different ways - some of which we present here here. By Julia Johannsen.

The roots of mindfulness
Nowadays, mindfulness practice is used in many different ways Application. This article provides insights into its original Context. By Doris Iding.

Be mindful - be good to yourself!
Mindfulness is on everyone's lips at the moment. YOGA AKTUELL met the publisher Lienhard Valentin to talk to him about the practice of mindfulness talk. Interview: Doris Iding.

Mindful through everyday life: living more simply and happily

Selected exercises for more mindfulness. By Doris Iding.

Meditation in hospice work
Letting the thoughts come to rest, letting go of the body - End-of-life care for a gentle and conscious transition. By Julia Johannsen.

Love bears all
Bearing the suffering of seriously ill family members: how mindfulness, but above all love and compassion help us to do so. By Doris Iding.

Meditation and science
Meditation and mindfulness-based approaches are attracting more and more attention in Neuroscience more and more attention. What effects of Meditation practices does it prove? By Doris Iding.

Meditation and mindfulness research in Germany

At the Charité hospital in Berlin, the positive effects of Mindfulness practice are being researched. The results show how one can benefit from benefits from regular meditation after only a short time. By Julia Johannsen.

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Katja writes:
Very informative and inspiring magazine. Thank you
Angelika writes:
Very interesting booklet, as I would like to start meditation, for me
also very helpful. However, because of the little previous knowledge
i have to research a lot and read it twice. Therefore more suitable for yoga teachers.
Heike writes:
super magazine on the subject of meditation! Thank you....only the DVD cannot be played.
Andrea writes:
The booklet is totally great!!!
However, it's a pity that the CD format doesn't seem to be playable everywhere.
Silke writes:
The booklet has inspired me anew, wonderful....
Bianka writes:
I like the special issue very much. It will certainly accompany me for a long time because I find the texts very inspiring.
Jutta writes:
Great booklet ! Very informative
Michaela writes:
I liked the newspaper very much. It has a lot of information about yoga. The newspaper gives suggestions that I can use in my classes.
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