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Yoga Aktuell 109 - 02/2018

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YOGA AKTUELL April/May: Back to the source. Experience yoga in its originality.

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Asana: With Yin Yoga to more more courage and gentleness
Dragon postures: In this series of exercises with Helga With Helga Baumgartner, you can gently and playfully approach asanas that may that might initially lie outside your "comfort zone"

Challenge Samavrtti pranayama
The key is in the Balance: with this seemingly simple breathing exercise, every person can find their inner Protective and resting space. By Dr Michael Nickel.

Yoga every day
Make yoga an integral part Part of your daily life! With this simple, holistic yoga Yoga sequence for beginners, you can start today. By Janine Schneider.

YOGA AKTUELL February/March: Arriving at yourself.Meditation: beneficial, but not a panacea
A long meditation in Silence is not always right for everyone. Sometimes it takes something something else to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony. By Doris Iding.

Thai children's yoga for the at home
With the exercises presented here Exercises presented here you can give your children relaxing touches - and of course you can and of course you can also use them as a teacher in a children's yoga class classes. By Tobias Frank and Sandra Walkenhorst.

The Three Gunas
A unique compass for life: The all levels of our being of Rajas, Tamas and Sattva, explained by Florian Palzinsky Palzinsky.

Yoga - original and unadulterated
The mixing and marketing of different approaches creates confusion and obscures the view of the essence of yoga. A plea for the A plea for a return to yoga in its original intention. From Sadhana Pezet.

How real is reality?
Dr. Ralph Skuban on perception from a yogic point of view: What we perceive as reality is usually very limited Reality is usually very limited - and yet it is possible to have a real possible to have a real, direct experience of being

Living out of one's own source
To hear the voice of one's own soul and to trust it, requires courage - and promises the gift of an authentic life. By Doris Iding.

Don't stop at asanas and pranayama!
About Raja Yoga and the correspondence of all spiritual paths in essence - a guide in the search for spiritual freedom, peace and joy of life Freedom, peace and joy of life. By Dr. Michael Weh.

Overweight, Diabetes & Cholesterol
Old knowledge, new confirmation: More and more scientific studies the healing effects of yoga on common metabolic disorders Metabolic disorders. By Cordula Interthal.

Fire up your Agni!
Volker Mehl on strengthening the digestive fire: Ayurvedic tips and recipes against general springtime fatigue.

Ayurveda in Europe
To get to know profound Ayurveda cures and treatments, you don't necessarily have to not necessarily have to travel far away. Also in this country there are highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors and spa centres. By Doris Iding.

First measure, then eat
On the advantages and pitfalls of individualised metabolism-appropriate Nutrition: A look at different concepts and their possibilities and Possibilities and limitations. By Joe Romanski.

The fifth dimension of taste
At the moment, umami is of particular interest to all those around the world, who like to eat well and at the same time want to provide their bodies with the body with the best possible energy through their diet. By Irene Dalichow.

Present like an eagle
Walter Tirak Ruta passes on the teachings of the silent yogi Sri Sri Satchidananda. In YOGA AKTUELL he tells how the Indian taught through his special way of being present, and what he taught about the kriyas of of hatha yoga. Interview: Johannes Vogt.

In the Valley of the Immortal Masters
Aaravindha Himadra passes on mantra and meditation techniques that stem from the from the hidden tradition of the ancient Himalayan masters. How he how he came into contact with these masters Marianne Scherer.   

Moaning is not an option
Sonia Bach, owner of the yogaloft cologne, spoke in an interview with YOGA AKTUELL about skillful failure and openness to challenges Challenges. Interview: Sandra von Zabiensky.

Meditation as a discovery of self-love
Kesari Reber, our cover model April/May, talks in a short interview about Meditation as a path to self-love, balance and deep Contentment

The Upanishads
Episode VI: Transcendence and dissolution of self-limitations - what we experience in the "fourth state". By Dr Ralph Skuban.

Ashtavakra-Gita: Liberating your "inner 10"
What the precious ancient source text teaches us about detachment from false Identifications - the teachings of Ashtavakra as a guide to self-love and freedom Self-love and freedom. By Nancy Kruger.

Ayahuasca or Duel between Shaman and Yogini
Encounter in the lagoon: how a challenging Between yogini and shaman turned into a dance of two sisters Of two sisters. By Iris Disse.

Interview with a shaman: Ya'Acov Darling Khan
In his book Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart Ya'Acov Darling Khan tells how he found his purpose in shamanism. With YOGA AKTUELL he spoke about the body as a bridge to essence and about the important the important significance of direct experience of nature. Interview: Jeanette Fox.

Yoni egg: connection to the female place of power
Small stone with a big effect: the egg-shaped healing stones for women are are inserted into the vagina and work there in a variety of ways. YOGA AKTUELL spoke to an expert about the intimate topic. Interview: Janine Schneider.

Yoga in Cape Town
The bustling beach metropolis is a multicultural magnet for yogis from all over the world. It combines the diversity and warmth of With magical nature, beautiful beaches and a vibrant community Community. By Karolina Landowski.

The Architecture of Life
In the beginning was sound: how sound frequencies express themselves in forms, which have been found in the whole of creation since the beginning of time -

The Architecture of Life Sven Meyer on the KYMAT project. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Dates, trends and news
News from the yoga world. By Nina Haisken.

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