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Yoga - The 108 most important exercises by Wanda Badwal

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The 108 most important exercises and their holistic effect

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"Your yoga mat is your very own personal island to meet yourself."

In her yoga practice book, charismatic yoga teacher Wanda Badwal explains the most important 108 asanas step by step and describes their holistic effect. She provides helpful basic knowledge about the history of yoga, yoga philosophy, as well as the chakra system and Ayurveda, so that this book can become a standard work and faithful companion for all yogi*nis.

The passionate yoga teacher's aim is to make the broad spectrum of yoga accessible to everyone. Clear, illustrated instructions and variations of the postures make it easy for beginners to get started. All advanced yogis can also expand their knowledge of how the individual asanas affect the chakras and our Ayurvedic constitution types - our dosha. To prepare for the yoga practice at home, she shows exercises for spinal mobilisation and strengthening the centre of the body. She also gives helpful hints to avoid possible mistakes and practical advice for the individual yoga practice at home.

The 108 asanas are divided into the following six chapters:

  • Backbends
  • Side bends
  • Forebends
  • Turns
  • Extensions
  • Reversal postures
Wanda is a true full-time yogini. For her, yoga is not just about the physical exercise, but much more about living the yogic principles off the mat in everyday life. For her, yoga is a holistic path of self-knowledge and personal development. This path ideally leads us to more self-reflection, increases our mindfulness and ultimately helps us to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Wanda shows us how to balance our own yoga practice with our individual needs. A conscious, balanced practice gives us more physical and mental stability and inner balance. In this way, yoga can naturally become a spiritual practice and an inner path of self-discovery.

The ideal book for all beginners and those who want to deepen their yoga practice further - including warm-up sequences, breathing and meditation exercises.

"Wanda is a passionate and competent yoga teacher who shares yoga in its holistic form."
Patrick Broome

Brochure, 304 pages.

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