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Meditation Cushions
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Meditation cushions promote an upright seated posture during meditation, which can be maintained comfortable for an extended period of time.
Meditation Cushions with Futon
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Meditation cushions in combination with a matching futon make for a beautiful twinset.
Meditation bench
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Meditation benches or stools made from alderwood are very popular meditation tools.
Eye Pads
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Eye pads promote relaxation and are a perfect tool for e.g. shavasana.
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The backjack is a portable seat, ideally suited for mantra concerts, seminars, and more.
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Futons made with brocade and chenille velvet, or pure virgin wool are very luxurious bases for meditation.
Blankets & Shawls
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Blankets and shawls are just what you need when there is a little nip in the air or if you are doing your training on a cold floor. Their beautiful...
Acupressure Mats
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Acupressure mats create countless tiny pin pricks - they are completely painless and very pleasant.
You will find premium quality accessories for your meditation exercises, like meditation cushions, meditation benches and futons right here at YOGISHOP.
Meditation can open up entire new worlds of perception, and offers many people a way to get through life more relaxed and with a heightened sense of being. This section of YOGISHOP offers a wide and beautiful selection of meditation tools ? from seat cushions and stools for a comfortable and stable seat posture, to shawls and blankets, meditation timers, and other useful extras.

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