Organic Amalaki Churna (powder), 100 g

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Dried and ground amla fruit.

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Amla is called the "fruit of youth and beauty" in Ayurveda. It is considered the most important rasayana (rejuvenating agent - scientifically not proven). It is also called the "Indian gooseberry" in German because of its similarity to the local gooseberry. The fresh fruit is extremely acidic and contains a lot of vitamin C. Out of six possible flavours it comprises five, only salty is missing.
It calms all three doshas, but mainly the pitta dosha.

Normally, Amla fruits are traditionally boiled briefly after harvesting to separate the pulp from the seed. The resulting powder is usually almost black. With our Amla products, on the other hand, the pulp is mechanically separated from the seed without heating it. The fruit is dried at low temperatures and then ground into powder. This powder is creamy white and contains a high ORAC value due to the gentle processing.

Modern science has defined the so-called ORAC value to indicate the antioxidant properties of a plant. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity and is measured in ORAC units per 100g. It gives consumers a comparative measure that can be used as an indication of the antioxidant potential of food.

According to some scientists, the average daily requirement of an adult is about 5,000 - 7,000 ORAC units. The Amla powder specially produced for us contains 165,000 ORAC units per 100 g (determined by the LEFO Institute - accredited testing laboratory). Two examples for comparison: Raspberries contain 4,882 units per 100 g, Moringa leaf powder 62,600 units. Our Amla powder contains a significantly higher level of ORAC units and shows antioxidant potential even in small amounts, taken as a dietary supplement.

Note: The descriptions and effects of the herbs and extracts come from ancient Ayurvedic lore and Indian folk medicine.

Entire description
Indian gooseberry* (Amalaki). *from controlled organic cultivation
Consumption recommendation
2 teaspoons daily, e.g. in water, a smoothie or sprinkle over food (e.g. muesli).
Control point
Sales description under food law
Traditional Ayurvedic spice powder
Classic Ayurveda
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