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Copper mug, 380 ml

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In Ayurveda, not only the medicinal use of medicinal plants is used, but also the therapeutic use of metals.

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From Ayurvedic lore, it is learnt that besides the use of gemstones, the use of metals is also important for health.

Copper is given exceptional importance in Ayurvedic practice. It is said that the ancient yogis and sages drank copper water to protect themselves from disease.

Copper is used in Ayurvedic practice

Many uses
Dry, red and irritated skin can regain its youthful smoothness if enough collagen is produced. Scientifically speaking, these proteins are found in connective tissue and have strong swelling properties. Thanks to this dynamic, cavities in the skin can be closed, giving it back its original smoothness and firmness. Our body needs copper to be able to produce this protein sufficiently.

In the Ayurvedic clinics of India, copper water is used in quite a variety of ways. It is considered an excellent tonic for the liver, spleen and lymphatic system. It also provides supportive services in the treatment of obesity and rheumatic muscle and joint diseases. According to Ayurvedic research, copper water is said to protect the lungs from diseases. Its positive effect on the haemoglobin content of the blood presumably has an alleviating effect on anaemia. The harmonising effect of the water on psychosomatic disorders, which is currently still being researched, should also not go unmentioned.

Fill the cup with water in the evening, leave it overnight and drink the water the next morning and drink the water the next morning. From a scientific point of view the water has absorbed pure copper, a mineral essential for the body in this form Essential mineral for the body.

Filling quantity: approx. 380 ml

Note: The descriptions and effects come from ancient Ayurvedic traditions and Indian folk medicine.

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Copper mug
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Katharina writes:
The taste of the water really changes. Becomes like spring water. I have tried many different kinds of bottled water and none were satisfactory. But the water that was in a copper bowl surprised me very pleasantly. It is recommended.
Ivo writes:
Great. Ordered on Sunday, arrived on Tuesday. Everything as described. And there they stand, shining at you, the two copper cups. It is a pleasure to drink from them and enjoy the fine taste. According to Loriot, it could be said: "A life without copper mugs is possible, but it doesn't make sense" ????
Sabine writes:
I am very satisfied with this product. The copper water is very good for me. It purifies noticeably. I feel much fitter physically.
The enclosed instructions for use are also very practical. The cup looks like new after the lemon-salt treatment.
Monika writes:
My experience with the copper cup is that I can recommend it with a clear conscience. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and have already lost 1.5kg, and feel better overall. A great product, I would buy it again
Marcel writes:
My opinion:
I ordered two copper mugs together, in principle everything is OK, they are utensils for me and also do me noticeably good in terms of health. Both copper mugs had slight signs of use on the inside (scratches?), but perhaps they are normal and show signs of manufacture. Copper also needs to be cared for because of the oxidation layer (verdigris?) on the surface. Operating instructions and care available. I am very satisfied otherwise and it fulfils its purpose, otherwise I would not have bought another one for my dear mum ;-)

Thank you
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