Incense stick set mega, 5x40g

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Five varieties of AYURSTAR-Incense in stock sizes: With the Mega Set you are well supplied!

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We have put together five selected AYURSTAR varieties for you in this mega-pack - each in 40g packs, so you won't run out of your favourite incense any time soon! By the way, the decorative 40g packs are also very suitable for giving as a gift
You can get these varieties in the "mega" storage set:

  • The AYURSTAR Flora incense sticks exude a floral fragrance. Delicate blossoms lend this incense something particularly light and enchanting.
  • "Natural" is an incomparably refreshing and grounding fragrance. In India, when the first raindrops fall on the clods of earth "baked" by the sun after a long drought, a wonderfully spicy, invigoratingly refreshing and grounding fragrance escapes, filling the entire environment and giving hope. Life begins to awaken and its expression gives birth to the world.
  • The rose is an eternal symbol of beauty and also symbolises the preciousness of the soul. Its exquisite, unmistakable fragrance characterises the AYURSTAR Rose variety. Without rose, there would simply be something missing!
  • Sandalwood is a typical incense wood, as it is particularly fragrant with its fine, warm-spicy aroma. In India, it is also considered harmonising and is often used in the evening to keep away bad dreams. It is also attributed with an aphrodisiac effect and many other positive effects.
  • Sarasvati is the goddess of wisdom, learning and the fine arts. The spirited, heavy, sweet fragrance of Sarasvati incense brings attention to our innermost being and connects us to our primordial creative nature, which allows all our life's works to become a "work of art". Floral and poetic at the same time, this precious fragrance gently carries our mind to the realms of wisdom.

All AYURSTAR incense sticks are hand-rolled in India using only natural ingredients!
Contents: 5 x 40g
Varieties: Flora, Natural, Rose, Sandalwood, Sarasvati

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Anja writes:
This is a really nice compilation! It's great that you offer it like this! I shared the set and was able to give it to two friends. The only thing I didn't like was the rose, although I usually like things with a real rose scent - but that's always a matter of taste. My favourites are Flora and Sarasvati, followed by Sandalwood (which is fine anyway) and Natural. Thank you!
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