Meditation cushion round, coloured

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Wonderful meditation cushion that supports, inspires and accompanies you through its fantastic colours, the embedded gemstone and the positive affirmations and symbols.


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"Whatever brings peace and calm to your life should get the most attention from you." Just like these wonderful meditation cushions that support, inspire and accompany you with their fantastic colours, embedded gemstone and positive affirmations and symbols. They bring the wonderful qualities of well-being, peace and joy into your everyday life. Palpable large rose quartz and amethyst gemstones have been sewn into the side strap. The prints on the meditation cushions are also infused with microfine rose quartz and printed ecologically digitally, without water consumption. On each cushion you will find one or more loving and positive affirmations.

- Outer cover removable and washable
- with ticking at round
- produced in Germany
- vegan

  • farbe: multicolor
  • Füllung: Organic spelt husk
  • Höhe: 17 cm
  • hersteller: The Spirit of Om
  • Länge: 38 cm
  • Motiv/Muster: on both sides, covering the whole area
  • nachhaltigkeit: OEKO-TEX
  • textilmaterial: 100% Baumwolle
  • textilmaterial innen: 100% Baumwolle (Bio)
  • Breite: 38 cm
  • Gewicht: 2.4 kg

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