My yogimat® studio - extended

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The yogimat® studio in your desired length.


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Color: plum purple

The yogamat studio in your desired length: Choose the length of your mat individually from 184 - 220 cm! Your desired length is possible for all available colours of the yogimat studio.

How the desired length of your yogimat studio - extended

  1. Choose your desired colour.
  2. Select the desired length.
  3. Place your My yogimat® studio - extended in the shopping cart (the final price will be displayed there) and complete the order.
  4. About 2 - 4 days later you will receive your individual My yogimat® studio - extended.

Please note the following:

The My yogimat studio - extended is specially made to your request. Therefore, a return is unfortunately excluded.

You don't know the yogamat studio yet? Find out more here

The yogimat® studio yoga mat is:

  • suitable for outdoor use
  • excellent material properties
  • made in Germany
  • especially durable
  • quality

The yogimat studio is a new quality yoga mat in the range. It convinces with reliable slip resistance, good cushioning properties and a robust, extremely durable material. The yogimat studio is made in Germany and is a high-quality PVC yoga mat - it is, so to speak, the new generation of this classic type of yoga mat.

Dimensions: 184 - 220 x 60 x 0,45 cm

The secret of the yogimat studio's high durability lies in the incorporated glass yarn fabric, which gives the material a special resistance and ensures an abrasion-resistant surface. Even with demanding practice and intensive use, this yoga mat therefore remains intact and as good as new, so that it will accompany you for a long time. The yogimat studio yoga mat meets the strictest criteria in terms of safety, is easy to machine wash and also scores points for its generous dimensions

  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, product class 1 ("baby standard")
  • Tested for harmful substances
  • Machine washable at up to 60°

Your new yoga mat - in your colour, of course!

  • In the colour fresh-green, this yoga mat brings young freshness into every yoga room.
  • The colour earth-red is a rich, expressive shade of red.
  • The subtle pidgeon-blue is a pleasantly calming shade.
  • The deep black of the simply-black variant is the classic in the colour selection.
  • The cheerful shiny-orange brings sunshine into every yoga room.
  • The rich purple of the classic-violet variant is one of the favourites in the colour selection.
  • The pleasant taupe-grey fits perfectly in every yoga room

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General info on your non-slip yoga mat

Solid mats with non-slip surfaces are considered standard equipment for asana practice. Yoga mats are specifically designed for this type of practice, meaning they provide enough cushioning to be easy on the joints but don't bounce too much, allowing for the stability needed in the asanas. A yoga mat provides you with a clean, non-slip surface on which you can optimally perform asana sequences - no matter what style of yoga you practise. Compared to mats for other workouts, it may differ in terms of thickness, but also in terms of surface texture. While a certain amount of slipping on the mat is desirable for some types of workout, non-slip surfaces have proven to be useful for practising yoga asanas. Therefore, a material with high slip resistance is always the trump card for a yoga mat.

The "sticky mats" are rolled out everywhere yoga is practised - whether at home, in the studio or at events. They are simply the tool when it comes to asanas. Beginners as well as advanced practitioners use them as reliable companions.

Your yoga mat is easy to clean!

Those who often take their mat outside or to events, or like to bring their own mat to the yoga studio, will pay special attention to a material that is easy to clean. Practitioners of very sweaty yoga styles often prefer models that are machine washable. Plastic mats are recommended here, as they are suitable for complete cleaning in the washing machine in addition to surface cleaning with mat sprays. The yogimat studio is a type of mat that you can wash without any problems. So it is always perfectly fresh and hygienic... another reason why you will enjoy this robust and durable model for a long time!

What are the advantages of a yoga mat?

A mat that is specially designed for asana practice is characterised in particular by the criteria of slip resistance and durability. It also offers cushioning and at the same time supports your stability in the yoga postures - the yoga mat cushions without giving way too much. It is a hygienic and safe surface for yoga practice.

For which types of yoga do you need a yoga mat?

For physical yoga practice in the form of asanas, yoga mats are recommended regardless of the style chosen. Regardless of whether the sequences are demanding, such as dynamic exercise sequences, or a more quiet practice - a non-slip mat is always helpful and useful.

What are the differences between the various yoga mat models?

Whoever is looking for a yoga mat has the choice between mat types made of different materials with correspondingly different properties. Depending on whether you want a particularly robust material, value a natural material or are looking for a machine-washable model, and depending on the degree of slip resistance required, the most suitable individual model can be chosen. The dimensions of the different models also vary.

  • reinigung: Maschinenwaschbar mit Feinswaschmittel bis 60°C, nicht im Trockner trocknen, nicht schleudern
  • Gewicht: 1.8 kg

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