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Meditation Cushions
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Meditation cushions support an upright posture during meditation that does not become uncomfortable even after sitting for a long time.
Meditation Cushions with Futon
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Meditation cushions with matching futon form a beautiful duo.
Meditation bench
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Meditation benches or meditation stools made of alder wood are popular aids for meditation.
Eye Pads
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Eye pillows promote relaxation and are wonderful to use in Shavasana, for example.
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The Backjack floor chair is a portable seat for mantra concerts, seminars, etc.
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Futons made of brocade velvet and chinille velvet or pure new wool are noble underlays for meditation.
Blankets & Shawls
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Blankets and scarves are there for you when it gets cold or you practice on a hard floor. They keep you warm with their beautiful fabrics.
Acupressure Mats
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Acupressure mats place countless tiny pinpricks - painless and very pleasant.

Meditation as the essence of yoga

Meditation is, so to speak, the supreme discipline of yoga - in the eight-limbed yoga path of Patanjali, as it is described in the Yogasutra path of Patanjali as described in the Yogasutra, and meditation is also a meditation is also an essential part of the other currents of yoga. So it goes without saying that meditation accessories are part of the large Yoga assortment that the YOGISHOP offers you. Discover products around meditation, which make meditation easier for you, for example by meditation, for example, by offering you practical sitting aids or by providing inspiration. The meditation accessories in the YOGISHOP are carefully selected and are relevant for various types and methods of meditation.

Whoever delves deeper into the tradition, history and philosophy of yoga quickly comes across the key role of meditation: the origins of yoga are inextricably linked to immersion, to introspection, to the vision of the true self. What may seem strange at first impression opens up possibilities that are also echoed in asana practice, but which can be experienced even more strongly in silence and with the help of meditation techniques that have been used for thousands of years: the stillness of thought, contact with one's own being and the experience of being one with everything can occur in meditation and are a rich reward for the practice of meditation.

Modern forms and styles of yoga also incorporate meditation to a large extent and use many different meditation techniques for this purpose. No matter which of the different types of meditation you are interested in or which meditation methods are used in your yoga school - the meditation equipment from the YOGISHOP can always be of help to you. Of course, this also applies to those types of meditation that do not originate from the yoga tradition, such as Zen.

Meditation is relaxation, but also concentration

In addition to awareness and the direct experience of one's innermost being, which is the goal of yoga, meditation also serves to relax, especially in our society, which is characterised by stress, overstimulation and overload. At the same time, many people use meditation to improve their concentration. By coming to rest and entering a state of deep relaxation, the mind is refreshed, so to speak, and "the batteries can be recharged", so that concentrated work is often possible afterwards. In the Yogasutra, the classical basic text of yoga, concentration is listed as a preliminary stage of deep meditation, and many meditation techniques work, for example, with concentration on a specific object. Thus, relaxation and concentration go hand in hand in meditation. Also thanks to these aspects, meditation is enjoying increasing popularity again in our time, because it is being (re)discovered more and more how much it meets our needs today. Meditation has therefore arrived in the middle of society and is becoming an important anchor for more and more people.

Meditation: How to get started

Whoever is completely new to meditation will find that - as already indicated above - there are many different sub-forms of meditation, such as meditation on certain objects, meditation with concentration on the breath, mantra meditations, light meditations and many more. One of the nice things about this variety of meditation is that there is a suitable method for everyone. So if you don't get on with a chosen form, you shouldn't give up straight away, but keep looking around, because the abundance of meditation has so much else in store.

By the way, you can find a large selection of guided meditations and instructions for popular meditation techniques in the YOGISHOP CD range. The exercise DVDs, which are also available in the "Knowledge & Music" section, often contain meditation instructions as part of the yoga class. Regardless of which type of meditation suits you best and which method you choose, we recommend a playful approach in the beginning, where you don't put yourself under pressure: Set yourself a realistic amount of time that can be easily integrated into your everyday life and that doesn't demand too much of you at the beginning. Because meditation has to be learned! Sometimes your thoughts just don't want to come to rest and sometimes physical fatigue distracts you after just a few minutes - but don't let that put you off meditation... Almost every meditator knows this experience and many books and articles have been written about it, but it is definitely worth "sticking with it" and continuing to build and develop your meditation practice with joy. Meditation is quality time for yourself, and once you have become accustomed to a regular meditation practice, you will hardly want to miss it again, because it is simply good for you. Even if you don't immediately notice spectacular progress during the practice, you will probably quickly notice that you go through life more calmly and strengthened overall thanks to meditation.

From a practical point of view, the YOGISHOP offers you numerous aids that can support you in meditation and, for example, make sitting for long periods of time easy and pleasant. The YOGISHOP also has suggestions, impulses and inspirations for meditation for you, because sometimes it is precisely these that are decisive for a completely new meditation experience. For such inspirations, for example in the form of posters, take a look at our accessories section and discover music CDs especially for meditation, because of course it is also possible to meditate to music.

Meditation accessories at a glance

Basically, you can meditate anytime and anywhere, but you need yourself first and foremost. However, certain aids and tools can support you and offer you particularly good conditions for meditation. The following products and tools have proven to be particularly helpful and useful for meditation, which you can get here in the YOGISHOP:

  • Meditation cushions, meditation chairs, meditation benches or meditation stools: A good sitting posture with an erect spine promotes meditation. In order to be able to maintain such a posture over a longer period of time, an appropriately designed sitting surface does good service.
  • Meditation timers, meditation clocks: So that you can really forget the time during meditation - set a timer, and you can turn off the thought of time in meditation from the beginning!
  • Meditation shawls, meditation blankets: A simple precondition should be ensured in addition to a quiet, undisturbed place, so that you can give yourself completely to meditation: You should be well warmed so that you do not cool down during meditation. Cosy blankets, shawls and scarves ensure this. At the same time, they give you a feeling of security.
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