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With your yoga set you get the "all-round carefree package"

All-round care: With the yoga sets you have everything you need for your yoga practice. We have put together various useful yoga sets for you from the particularly popular essentials in our range, from which you can choose the right set according to your needs. A discount compared to buying the individual products makes the yoga sets particularly attractive.

Which yoga mat do I buy? Which accessories should I choose? Are these questions that you are also asking yourself right now? If you don't quite know which yoga mat and which accessories to combine, you'll find some ideas here in our yoga sets, which can be ordered exactly as a set at a slightly reduced price (or alternatively can simply help you find ideas). Are you simply looking for a yoga mat and a matching bag? Then check out our "Starter Edition"! Or you need a good standard yoga mat, but also like to meditate and therefore want a meditation cushion to go with it? Then the "Starter Edition Meditation" would probably be just right for you.

Maybe you want to get started with your asana practice and are looking for a yoga set that includes not only a yoga mat but also the classic yoga block and yoga belt - then take a look at our "kick it" yoga set... We have also put together special yoga sets for fans of natural materials and for yin yoga practitioners. When combining the yoga sets, we paid attention to everything, of course also to a harmonious choice of colours (by the way, the yoga sets are available in numerous different colour variations; if you click on the desired yoga set, all variations will be displayed with a photo).

Here you will find an overview of all yoga sets from the YOGISHOP:

Yoga Set Starter Edition (yoga mat and yoga bag)

The yoga set Starter Edition consists of a yogimat basic and a yogibag basic cotton.

Yoga Set Starter Edition Meditation (yogamat and meditation cushion)

This yoga set contains the yogamat basic and meditation cushion round. In addition to a non-slip mat for the asanas, you also get a comfortable sitting surface for an upright position in meditation.

Yin Yoga Set

The yin yoga set consists of a yogimat pro yoga mat and a fascia/Pilates roller pro premium (in blue), with which you can perform fascia massages.

Yoga set kick it

The yoga set Kick-It consists of a yogamat basic plus yogaklotz yogiblock and yogagurt yogibelt. A great all-round set that opens up a wide range of possibilities. By the way, you can find out what you can do with the tools (yoga block and yoga belt) in our sections "yoga bags" and "yoga belts", which you can also find here in the Yoga Accessories menu.

Yoga Set kork

This yoga set consists of the yogimat kork yoga mat plus yoga block big kork. Perfect for all those who have chosen the unusual material cork as their favourite!

Yoga set terra

This yoga set contains the yogimat terra natural yoga mat made of natural rubber, combined with the natural white cotton strap and a block made of feather-light yet very stable cork: a set of natural materials in subtle shades that harmonise wonderfully with each other.

All yoga sets and their individual components are of course presented in detail in the product descriptions!

Why yoga sets?

In the YOGISHOP, the selection is huge, because the range of yoga equipment should be as diverse as the different ways of practising yoga and, of course, as the yoga practitioners themselves, so that every yogi and every yogini can find the products that are exactly right for them. We want everyone to find the products that meet their needs in practice, that they feel comfortable with and that they like.

However, choice sometimes means being spoilt for choice. Many customers therefore find the yoga sets helpful, because they make it really easy for you.
We have therefore deliberately not put together countless sets, but focused on a few different yoga sets in order to keep this category clear.

Not to forget, of course, the special price that we offer for each yoga set! Here you can save money compared to buying the individual products.

Every yoga set from the YOGISHOP offers top quality

For every yoga set that we offer, we naturally use the best quality products from our range. High-quality non-slip yoga mats as well as our popular bags, meditation cushions and yoga tools make up our yoga sets. Quality is therefore the trump card for every yoga set.

Your desired yoga set is not included?

If you have not found exactly the yoga set in our selection that meets your wishes, you can also easily and conveniently put together your yoga equipment yourself with the help of the clear menu navigation on our shop pages and with the help of the information and tips in our product descriptions: Our yoga mats - with various subcategories - are grouped together in a separate section, while you will find bags, tools and aids in the accessories section. If you are looking for a matching yoga bag for your mat, you will find a list of suitable bags for the respective model directly in the description of each yoga mat. Conversely, the yoga bags always indicate the mat width for which they are suitable. Tips on useful supplements for a product you are looking at are always displayed on our pages as suggestions. In this way, you will receive support in various ways when putting together your individual yoga set.

Of course, you can also contact our competent service team at any time, who will be happy to give you advice and help you put together your own personal yoga equipment.

A yoga set is a great gift idea!

Are you looking for a gift for a yogi or yogini that is a really "rounded thing", so you don't just want to give a single piece? Then a yoga set is the perfect gift! Yoga sets are one of the top gift ideas in the YOGISHOP when it comes to the "hardware", so to speak, i.e. direct yoga equipment (as opposed to accessories, books, DVDs, etc.). With a yoga set, you are giving away a high-quality gift.

Get started with your yoga set

For all those who want more than just a yoga mat, a yoga set is the perfect equipment: in addition to the non-slip mat, a yoga set offers you equipment that makes your yoga practice even more varied and fulfilling. We hope you enjoy your yoga set from the YOGISHOP!

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