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Yoga clothing gives you freedom and protection at the same time in your asana practice: as special clothing that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the practice in terms of material and cut, yoga clothing ensures that you can feel completely comfortable.Yoga clothing does not slip, does not constrict, gives you freedom of movement and makes you look good in every posture. Discover the diverse yoga collections of various labels in the large yoga clothing range at YOGISHOP!

Why yoga clothing?

Yoga clothing has the advantage over conventional streetwear or any sportswear that it has been specifically designed for asana practice. Yoga clothing is stretchy enough not to tear or wear out in the asanas or constrict you while practising, and at the same time provides support and eye protection. For example, tops often have integrated bras, necklines are designed so that they don't reveal too much in any asana, and trousers don't sit too low on the hips but have high cuffs that are also wide and comfortable. Yoga clothing also deliberately avoids annoying seams, buttons, etc. In addition to the cuts and high-quality workmanship, the materials are of course also important, as they should be breathable, easy to wash and comfortable to wear even when sweating heavily. Yoga clothing is created close to the practice and has proven itself time and time again. Anyone who has ever had the experience that a random T-shirt from the wardrobe slipped over the head several times in a yoga class (e.g. in inverted postures) or that non-yoga-appropriate clothing disturbed concentration and relaxation in the yoga class due to pinching and twisting, knows exactly the difference to specific yoga clothing. One of the reasons why yoga clothing is so useful is that you should not have to think about your clothing during yoga practice. In addition, of course, the design is often clearly yoga-influenced, so that yoga clothing also visually reflects the yoga lifestyle. But it's not just the look that suits yoga - the social and ecological production conditions are also appropriate for the yogic philosophy. You can find out more about this below and in the product information on the individual yoga clothing collections

The advantages of yoga-specific clothing at a glance:

  • stretchy materials
  • good fit with high freedom of movement
  • at the same time
  • nothing slips, even in inverted positions you stay covered and protected
  • no annoying seams, cords or buttons
  • breathable, hygienic fabrics
  • Tops often have integrated bras
  • yoga-affine design
  • ecological, sustainable and fair production plays a big role for most yoga clothing manufacturers

All looks in one shop: Yoga clothing for every style and taste

Yoga clothing has to offer the entire variety of styles you find in fashion in general: With the growing number of labels producing yoga clothing, more and more different looks have come onto the market, catering to very different tastes. The YOGISHOP takes advantage of this wonderful abundance and offers you a wide range of labels and collections, so that you have the choice and can put together your outfits entirely according to your personal clothing style - and of course perfectly suited to your yoga style and personal preferences. Do you like soft and flowing fabrics and designs that flatter your body in flow? You'll find the right styles in the YOGISHOP! Or do you feel most comfortable when the clothes fit like a second skin and keep everything in perfect shape? Then we have plenty of outfits for you!
Playful looks, loving details and original prints can be found in the numerous and always new yoga clothing collections just as much as subtle sophistication or emphatically sporty styles. This is how yoga fashion becomes an individual expression and is simply fun. At YOGISHOP you will find yoga clothing brands from Germany and abroad, as we are always on the lookout for the most interesting labels internationally.

Here are just a few of the different directions our various yoga clothing collections cover:

  • sporty-functional
  • puristic-elegant
  • classically noble
  • original-trendy
  • feminine-playful
  • ethnic-style

The rich spectrum of yoga clothing naturally also offers plenty of choice for every figure type.

Advantageous and flattering cuts can conceal or skilfully put curves in the limelight - just as you wish. In the product descriptions of our yoga clothing section, you'll often find relevant information on this in addition to the expressive photos. There are also no limits to the choice of colours - whether subtle pastel shades, classic black or the latest trendy colours, yoga clothing from the YOGISHOP also has a lot to offer for every taste.

The basic range of yoga clothing, which primarily includes pants and tops, is completed by complementary items such as warming scarves and hoodies that you can put to good use before and after yoga class or even during meditation, and by other great accessories. Find your favourite pieces and discover the now really big, colourful and sometimes exciting world of yoga fashion.

Yoga clothing has high ethical and ecological standards

Yoga is also about mindfulness towards others and ideals such as Ahimsa (non-harming). Therefore, in a way, it goes without saying that ethical criteria play a role in the production of yoga clothing. Most labels that produce yoga clothing pay great attention to fair production conditions and to aspects of sustainability and ecological compatibility. At the same time, the manufacturers of yoga clothing are of course also aware of their responsibility towards the consumers - i.e. towards the yogis and yoginis: for their sake, too, harmful substances and chemicals are of course avoided. You can find information about the standards of the individual yoga clothing manufacturers represented in the YOGISHOP directly in the respective product descriptions.

Yoga clothing: for men too!

You don't have to be a "clothing victim" to have the desire, even as a man, to wear outfits for yoga that both meet practical needs and look good. Fortunately, there has been more and more choice for men lately, and of course you can find it in the YOGISHOP. Our yoga clothing offers a variety of functional yoga pants and yoga shirts with a convincing look, so that not only for yoginis, but also for yogis of all yogic as well as all fashion styles, the search for the perfect favourite outfit is crowned with success time and again.

Always up-to-date: The YOGISHOP always offers you new yoga clothing collections

As is common in fashion, yoga wear labels also regularly bring out new collections. The YOGISHOP always secures the latest looks for you to offer variety and always something new. Yoga clothing never gets boring - there are new beautiful yoga looks for every season again, with which you can celebrate your asana practice.

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