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Yogawear and garments from various labels

YOGISHOP offers a broad spectrum of collections from various labels, with yogawear to suit any style and personal taste. The more athletically oriented styles by Curare are popular for more dynamic and physically challenging yoga exercises. If you like your bit of luxury, the London-based designer label Asquith will probably be your first choice, and those, who prefer lovingly styled details and original Indian and yoga-related symbols, will most definitely find what they are looking for in the selection of yogawear by "Yogamasti". Yogawear by "Breath of Fire" and other labels at YOGISHOP offer distinctive cuts and designs. Yoga garments by "Spirit of OM" are enriched with gemstone dust, which is supposed to be particularly positive for energy flow.

Why should you wear specialist yoga garments?

Is yogawear simply a marketing gimmick and in reality just like any old leisurewear? Absolutely not! Yoga garments have to fulfil very specific requirements to really be useful in your asana exercises. Yogawear should fit well and not slip, even when you are in an upside-down pose. The material must be elastic so as to move with you into whatever pose you are attempting. And yogawear must be lose enough as not to pinch, while avoiding to show too much skin - in short: it must be a perfect fit. The best yoga garments are made from breathable materials, as many yoga styles can be a sweaty affair. Yogawear is most definitely a better choice for exercising than regular streetwear.

"Green" lifestyle concerns are a big issue when it comes to yogawear

Yogawear should be in harmony with yogic attitudes, which include the Ahima principle and ecological awareness. That is why yogawear is more often than not made from bio-certified cotton materials or other sustainable textiles. Manufacturers rely on non-hazardous dyes and ensure fair manufacturing environments.
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