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Yoga pants are super comfortable

Whenever your clothes hem you in, slip in the wrong places, if you can't fully develop your asana because your clothes won't stretch enough, or if you pants keep slipping and you are in danger of exposing parts of you you don#t want everyone to see - then you have definitely chosen the wrong type of yoga pants. Or you are wearing pants you thought would be suitable, but simply won't do for yoga exercises. Yoga pants are developed and designed to satisfy the very specific requirements of yoga exercises. Yoga pants should never slip, while at the same time giving you maximised freedom of movement. And they should be made of breathable materials - another important point when it comes to wear comfort. Real yoga pants will ensure that you can fully concentrate on your body and enjoy its movement.

Various models: a great selection of yoga pants

The selection of yoga pants has become extensive, and there are many collections for specialist yogawear. YOGISHOP stocks a broad selection to offer you true freedom of choice. Harem-style yoga pants, yoga pants with extra-wide roll-down cuffs that will stay in place even in upside-down poses, short yoga pants or Capri-style pants - but these are just some of the many styles and designs to choose from. There is an entire spectrum of colours on offer as well, providing you endless combination options with our many yoga tops. Yoga pants from YOGISHOP are so comfortable that you won't want to wear anything else! They are great for lounging on the couch at home or going to a wellness spa as well.

Yoga Pants for Men

It has always been a bit more difficult for men to find the right kind of yoga pants. For most men, the appearance of traditional yoga pants was unappealing. YOGISHOP offers stylish yoga pants for men for every taste. There are sporty styles by Curare, and numerous casual styles from other labels available from YOGISHOP - something for everyone.

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