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A fastening strap is an ingenious little accessory for your yoga mat yoga mat. With a fastening strap, the yoga mat can be fixed in no time at all Yoga mat in the twinkling of an eye, so that it does not unroll and can be easily easy to transport.

Your fastening strap - small, but with a big effect

Do you ever struggle with your yoga mat because it keeps coming because it keeps unrolling as soon as you roll it up neatly? With you can solve this little problem, which every yoga practitioner knows Yoga practitioner, quickly and easily under control. The Your yoga mat reliably, so that you can easily store it in your yoga mat bag easily stowed in your yoga mat bag or nicely and neatly put in its place place. If you don't have a yoga mat bag at hand or don't want to use a yoga mat yoga mat bag, you can even transport your mat easily with the help of the With the help of the fastening strap, because the fastening strap offers a practical offers you a practical handle/loop.

Which fastening straps are available in the YOGISHOP?

In our assortment you will find different Straps for your yoga mat. Apart from numerous different Colours, which are simply fun and make for a beautiful look, you can also get different you also get different variations of the fastening strap:

Carry Strap

The super-practical Carry Strap made of hard-wearing cotton Cotton fixes the yoga mat in two places (at both ends) and is not only a not only a fastening strap, but also a carrying strap that can be hung over the shoulder Which can be hung over the shoulder. The Carry Strap therefore makes it very comfortable transport of the mat. The size of the Carry Strap is suitable for all types and models of yoga mats

This great fastening strap is not only available in a beautiful choice of colours, but also with original print designs.

"Hook & Loop" fastening tape

The classic Hook & Loop fastening tape, which we have been in our range for a long time and which continues to enjoy great popularity It is small but mighty. This colourful fastening strap hook & "Loop XL"

Hook & Loop Xl is a particularly wide fastening tape that allows you to attach even larger Strap with which you can also easily fix larger, thicker yoga mats yoga mats without any problems.

You can find out more about each individual strap in the product descriptions Product descriptions.

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