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Yoga Blocks
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Yoga blocks help adjust your pose for various asanas. All our yoga blocks are top quality products with a very long life expectancy.
Yoga Belts
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Yoga belts in various lengths and colours are a practical tool that will help you enhance and expand your asana training. A yoga belt is a great...
Yoga Carrybags
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Yoga carrybags are simply ideal for carrying your yoga mat. Use your matching yoga mat and carrybag to take yoga with you wherever you go!
TriYoga Bolster & Sandbag
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The TriYoga bolsters and sandbags are specialised tools used for the yoga style developed by Kali Ray.
Headstand Stool
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Headstand stools are an absolutely trail blazing invention: Headstands have never been so easy!
Yoga Chair
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The yoga chair is a robust and perfectly shaped tool for asanas and meditation.
Yin Yoga & fasciatraining
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With Yin Yoga & fasciatraining you bow before pain, upset the healing process, and relax at the same time.
Yoga Sets
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Yoga sets provide an ideal set of tools for your yoga training. A yoga set consists of a yoga mat, yoga block, and a meditation cushion.
Drinking bottles
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Carrying a drinking bottle with you will ensure that you can always keep yourself sufficiently hydrated. YOGISHOP offers beautiful and practical...
Tie Straps
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Tie straps will keep your yoga mat nice and tidy: The practical colourful straps keep the mat from unrolling.
Yoga belts and blocks, carrybags for your yoga mat, and many more attractive items can be found in the Yoga Accessories section.
Yoga accessories are fun and also help fine-tune your asanas. There are many useful ideas on offer to increase your everyday enjoyment of yoga. YOGISHOP offers a wide variety of yoga accessories to make sure you have everything you need for your yoga experience.

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