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Yoga Blocks
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Yoga blocks allow for individual adjustment of different asanas. Yoga blocks from us are high quality and durable.
Yoga Belts
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Yoga straps in different colours and lengths are a practical tool for expanding and deepening your asana practice. The yoga belt helps you with...
Yoga Carrybags
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Yoga bags are perfect for transporting your yoga mat. Take your yoga mat comfortably everywhere with you in the matching yoga bag!
TriYoga Bolster & Sandbag
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The perfect tools for Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and other yoga styles!
Yoga cushion
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Round or crescent-shaped, high or low, filled with spelt, buckwheat husk or kapok. Find the yoga cushion that suits you best in the YOGISHOP.
Headstand Stool
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Headstand stools are a groundbreaking invention: standing on your head has never been so easy.
Yoga Chair
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The yoga chair is a stable and perfectly shaped aid for asanas and meditation.
Yin Yoga & fasciatraining
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Prevent pain, stimulate healing processes and relax at the same time with Yin Yoga & Fascia Training.
Yoga Sets
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Yoga sets are an ideal combination for your yoga practice. A yoga set often consists of a yoga mat, yoga block and meditation cushion.
Aerial Yoga
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Aerial Yoga is practised in a large cloth fixed to the ceiling.
Mats Pads & Yoga Towels
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They are hygienic, practical and indispensable for many: yoga cloths and mat pads are non-slip pads for your yoga mat.
Drinking bottles
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Our water bottles stand for health and sustainability. Drinking bottles ensure that you are always hydrated.
Tie Straps
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Fastening straps keep your yoga mat "in check": thanks to the practical colourful straps, it won't roll apart.

Yoga accessories give you a variety of ways to expand and refine your asana practice and refine your asana practice.

In addition to tools such as yoga blocks, bolsters and yoga straps, you can also find other equipment in the yoga accessories category "yoga accessories" category, you will also find other equipment and accessories such as bags for your yoga mat, en/Meditation cushions and other meditation accessories, mat pads and much more and much more. Browse the large selection of yoga accessories that the YOGISHOP offers you and discover many yoga accessories that the YOGISHOP has to offer, and discover many Yoga lifestyle.

Yoga accessories for your Asana practice: yoga blocks, yoga straps and more

The classic yoga accessories directly for the practice are tools like yoga blocks, Bolsters and yoga forks. You can find this useful and helpful equipment in the YOGISHOP in various designs and of course in high quality. Yoga accessories in the form of aids help you to fine-tune your asana practice particularly fine-tune your asana practice, and are regularly used in some styles, e.g. in Iyengar Yoga, for example. It is also used in Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga as well as in other styles, this yoga accessory is very often used. With this type of yoga accessory, also known as a "props", you can deepen or lessen the intensity of stretches as needed, make poses easier or more challenging, and much more. Yoga tools are a great addition to your practice and can help you make better progress help you make better progress and/or enjoy your practice even more enjoy your practice even more. Yoga equipment is one of the core products in the YOGISHOP and particularly close to our hearts. Of course, we also equip yoga studios with Yoga equipment. If you are a yoga teacher and would like to order yoga Yoga equipment for your classes, we will be happy to make you an offer for large an offer for large quantities.

Classic yoga accessories for practice- the three most common tools:

Yoga accessories for always and everywhere

In addition to the yoga tools listed above, you will find many other useful and beautiful products in the YOGISHOP many other useful and beautiful products. So that you can comfortably transport your yoga mat and take it with you, we offer many matching bags for your yoga mat Yoga mat. Yoga bags made of cotton, yoga bags made of nylon, bags with prints and Prints and city bag style bags are part of our range of yoga accessories Yoga accessories. Alternatively, we also have the practical small carry straps in the Yoga accessories range. Other yoga accessories are the popular mat pads Mat pads: the super-practical Yogitowels, which can be washed and and can always be taken with you when you are practising on other people's mats Mats. Yoga accessories for always and everywhere make your life with yoga Yoga even more pleasant and colourful.
If you're looking for a gift for a yogi or yogini, you'll find it in our huge selection of yoga accessories our huge selection of yoga accessories. There areyoga accessories for every taste and every need - from yoga accessories, yoga accessories that simply "gladden" the heart and soul, to yoga equipment with very high practical value.

Yoga accessories for Yin Yoga and Fascia Yoga

Yin yoga and exercises that specifically focus on detangling and keeping the Fascia have become a much-publicised trend that many yogis are currently that is currently exciting many yogis and yoginis and, due to its and will probably establish itself in the long term due to its beneficial effects. Especially of practice, there are a number of aids that have proven to be very effective have proven to be very effective. You can also find these specific yoga accessories yoga accessories in the YOGISHOP. fascia rollers and various massage tools such as massage sticks and massage balls such as massage sticks and massage balls are part of the comprehensive range of yoga Yoga accessories that we have in store for you. With the help of extra yoga accessories designed for this purpose, you will be able to let go of tensions, to the fascial structures of the body and experience deep relaxation on the mat deep relaxation on the mat. Browse through our equipment for Equipment for Fascia Yoga as well as our Yin Yoga accessories and practise more versatile.

Special yoga accessories: Headstand stool and yoga chair

As a Special shop for yoga, the YOGISHOP also stocks special yoga accessories such as the for example the yoga chair, on which exercise series can be performed, which have been specially developed for yogis with limited mobility. Also the ingenious headstand stool is also part of the wide range of yoga accessories that you can you can order from the YOGISHOP. With yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP you can Yoga in all its amazing facets.

Yoga accessories for meditation

Meditation is an essential part of yoga, if one considers yoga in its original Its original wholeness. Meditation accessories are therefore an important part of the yoga accessories in the YOGISHOP. Discover meditation cushions, which enable you to sit upright for longer sitting upright, cosy meditation shawls, warming futons and blankets, practical timers and blankets, practical timers, inspiring motifs and other yoga accessories for meditation for meditation.

Yoga accessories and more...

Under the heading "Yoga accessories" you will also find related products such as Massage beds and acupressure mats. Yoga mats, on the other hand, are not included in the category "yoga accessories" category, as they have their own section Category.

Why are yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP so popular?

Yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP give you new impulses for your practice, set accents and Accents and, in addition to your asana and meditation practice, also completes your yoga lifestyle, if you like. Yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP will meet yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP meet the highest standards - you can have high High expectations! Yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP have proven themselves over many years yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP have proven themselves over many years and are praised enthusiastically by users time and time again. The the numerous feedbacks that we receive about yoga equipment, we naturally and optimisation of our range of products as a matter of course and optimisation of our product range. Thus, in the further development of its yoga accessories, the YOGISHOP has yoga accessories, YOGISHOP has always taken into account the wishes of our customers. Both with the suppliers, who of course have an immense practical Experience as well as a great deal of expert knowledge, as well as with the Customers - the yogis and yoginis and, of course, the yoga teachers - YOGISHOP is in constant exchange. This is evident in the excellent assortment and the diverse and high-quality yoga accessories.


Yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP are characterised by yoga accessories are characterised by:

  • a large selection and variety
  • products for a wide variety of styles
  • high-quality materials and good workmanship
  • absolute Practicality
  • inspiring Designs

You have questions about yoga accessories from the YOGISHOP?

In the YOGISHOP we strive to provide detailed and comprehensive product descriptions for all the articles available from us. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our our competent service team, which you can contact by phone or e-mail you can contact by phone or e-mail, who will be very happy to advise you on the Yoga accessories. Our team will find out together with you whichyoga accessories make sense for you,which type of yoga accessories suits you best and which accessories complement your equipment and which accessories complement your equipment best. The way to to your personal yoga accessories is not far!

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