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Pilates Mats
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Pilates mats are specially designed for Pilates and differ from yoga mats in some criteria. Your perfect Pilates mat.
Pilates Equipment
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Pilates equipment unlocks the full potential of Pilates training. A variety of large and small equipment such as reformers and barrels.
Pilates Balls
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Pilates balls are simple but ingenious tools for an efficient and varied Pilates workout.
Pilates Blocks
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Pilates blocks are tools for "fine tuning" in the Pilates practice.
Pilates Belts & Straps
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Pilates belts & straps are durable cotton belts, such as those used in Iyengar Yoga.
Pilates Rolls
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Pilates rollers made of hard foam can be found here.
Stretch Bands
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Stretch bands for Pilates training and other forms of training are available in three different strengths in the YOGISHOP.
Toning Tube
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Toning Tubes are muscle toners for stretching and toning - ideal for Pilates training!
Fitness equipment
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Fitness equipment such as kettlebells, wrist trainers, weight bars, reaction balls and much more for a workout to suit your taste.
Spare parts & accessories
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Spare parts & accessories for your Pilates equipment.
Gymnastics Mats
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Gymnastics mats are important for virtually all gymnastic exercises so that you do not practise on the hard floor.

Pilates equipment from A to Z

Pilates is a sophisticated and efficient method to do something good for the body To do something good for the body, to strengthen it evenly and to balance
With equipment such as various Pilates tools, the Pilates practice can be made practice can be designed in a particularly varied way and can be personal training goals. Through the use of Pilates large-scale equipment such as the Reformer with its accessories Repertoire of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates can be fully developed by Joseph Pilates. In the YOGISHOP you will find all the Pilates accessories your heart desires your heart desires.

The basic equipment for the Pilates practice already starts with the Pilates mat: It is advisable to use a relatively thick and not too slip-resistant mat for your Pilates practice, as it is useful to be able to slide across the mat for some exercises. For Pilates, the YOGISHOP therefore has special mats in its range.
The Pilates balls and Pilates rollers are among the smaller tools that belong to the basic equipment for Pilates, as you can find them in YOGISHOP in various designs and colours. Other small equipment and aids such as Pilates rings, toning tubes, stretch bands and straps can also serve you well in Pilates. In addition, there are numerous other tools that can be used to refine and enrich your Pilates training. This Pilates equipment includes, for example, the following tools:

  • Step Barrel
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Stepping Arc Barrel
  • Closed Arc Barrel

Perhaps the best-known Pilates equipment is the Reformer, which can be expanded in various ways using numerous accessories. Of course, you can find the Pilates reformer and all common extensions for the reformer as well as all other Pilates equipment mentioned in the YOGISHOP. Pilates tools and Pilates equipment open up so many possibilities that training will certainly never be boring. Over time, you will find your favourite equipment that you use especially often. Create your personal favourite workouts and practice Pilates where you love. New to Pilates and want to learn more about these Pilates machines? We'll be sure to give you a closer look at each of these helpful Pilates machines in our product descriptions.

Pilates equipment makes a valuable contribution to training because:

  • it expands the range of exercises and thus provides more variety and diversity
  • it allows for a tailored workout for different goals and concerns

Discover Pilates at YOGISHOP

You are just about to dive into the world of Pilates and make your first experiences with this wonderful method? Maybe you come from yoga and want to add Pilates as a supplement or just try something different? Our tip: In addition to our Pilates equipment, browse through our range of Pilates books and Pilates DVDs. There you'll find plenty of inspiration and expert introductions to the different possibilities of Pilates training.

If you are completely new to Pilates, we recommend that, just as with yoga at the beginning, you also acquire your first basic knowledge in a course. With the help of a good Pilates trainer, you will quickly develop a feeling for what you should pay attention to during Pilates training.

You are already familiar with Pilates? Then you probably don't need any further information at this point, but can surf directly to our various Pilates product categories, where you will find exactly the high-quality Pilates equipment you are looking for. If you are a Pilates instructor and would like to equip your Pilates school or Pilates studio, please contact our service team. The Pilates accessories available in the YOGISHOP are professional equipment that is also widely used for teaching.

What Pilates workouts are all about

Pilates is a method of whole-body training that is based on a decided understanding of the human body and has been very carefully worked out. In Pilates, special attention is always paid to the so-called Power House, the supporting muscles around the spine. However, it is not only about individual muscle groups, but through Pilates the body as a whole can be strengthened and mobilised, which usually also improves posture. In addition, the complex Pilates training trains coordination skills, promotes fitness and contributes to better body awareness. The movements of Pilates are carried out fluently and the exercise is considered to be very easy on the joints. Athletes like to use Pilates as a balance to their sometimes one-sided training. Pilates can also be used in rehabilitation and is basically suitable for everyone, as it offers a wide range of adaptation options that allow training to be tailored to individual needs. The various Pilates equipment makes an important contribution to the wide range of possibilities. Pilates tools and aids such as the reformer developed by Jospeh Pilates are of great value for training.

Whoever studies the biography of Joseph Pilates, the founder or inventor of the Pilates method, learns a lot of interesting background information and realises how many empirical values have gone into the development of this method. There is also a lot of knowledge behind the Pilates equipment and its use about favourable movement sequences and optimal training measures.

What similarities does Pilates actually have to yoga?

There are some parallels or similarities between Pilates and the physical exercises of yoga. In Pilates training, some exercises can be found that resemble or even resemble certain yoga asanas. An important element in both Pilates and Hatha Yoga is conscious breathing. However, some exercises that are reminiscent of yoga asanas are performed in Pilates with certain small variations, as the focus is slightly different.

Is Pilates also relaxing? Does Pilates have a mental component?

As already briefly mentioned, Pilates training is quite complex and therefore requires a high level of concentration throughout. The permanent activation of the Power House alone, as well as the focus on breathing, but also the execution of the movement sequences, some of which require good coordination skills, mean that you are wide awake during Pilates and can't let your mind wander. This automatically has the effect of distracting you from your everyday worries during the Pilates workout and at the same time training your concentration in a way that relaxes you at the same time.

Pilates is fun and good for you

Not only do you usually feel relaxed and "well-moved" after a Pilates class, but the first physical results usually appear quickly. The muscles are strengthened, the body becomes more flexible, and this is often noticeable in an improved posture. Movement sequences become more supple and you simply feel balanced - that is what most Pilates enthusiasts experience. And let's not forget: Pilates is also a lot of fun!
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