In this category you will find our standard yoga mats. These are popular classics that are particularly widespread and have proven their worth in practice in practice for years. Our basic yoga mats are generally ideal for Beginners, but are also very popular with many advanced practitioners.

Your basic yoga mat offers a Top price/performance ratio

The basic yoga mats in the YOGISHOP are reasonably priced with high quality at the same time. The manufacturer from whom we purchase the basic yoga mats has made it its yoga mats, has made it his absolute standard to produce only quality yoga mats, so that high standards apply to all of its yoga mats - which of course also this of course also applies to the basic yoga mats. Compared to more specialised yoga mats with various special Features and extras, as you can find in our other categories, the basic yoga the basic yoga mats are more universal and somewhat simpler. The basic yoga mats are great basic models for beginners and for people who occasionally practice yoga, and for people who practice yoga occasionally, but they are also very popular many intensive practitioners - some customers never want to be without a yoga mat yoga mat for the rest of their yoga life. They are also the perfect choice for those on a tighter budget, without having to compromise on in terms of quality.

The basic yoga mat that made Made history: the yogimat basic

The centrepiece of our "basic yoga mats" category is undoubtedly the yogimat basic. We like to refer to this basic yoga mat from YOGISTAR as a As a classic, or even almost as a cult model, because it has been a real Has been a real hit in our range for many years. The popular basic yoga mat is available in in a wide range of enchanting colours and convinces not least by its solid quality quality, which has proven itself time and again for our customers proven time and time again. Over the years, the yogimat basic has been further developed and further developed and optimised by the manufacturer, so that you are currently getting the best yogimat basic that has ever existed.

The basic yogamat that shows size shows: the yogimat basic XXL

The basic yogimat basic is available in various sub-models or special versions Special versions, some of which you can discover under our design yoga mats design yogamats. A special model of the yogimat basic is also the yogimat basic XXL, which which stands out due to its particularly large dimensions. It has been included in the range for larger yogis and Yogis and yoginis and, of course, for all those who simply want a little more would like to have a little more space. You can find this model here in the Basic yoga mats.

The basic yoga mat especially for you: my yogimat basic my yogimat basic

A standard yoga mat does not have to be "08/15" by any means - as proven by "my yogimat basic". For all those who want a completely individual Yogamat, we offer the yogimat basic under this motto with embroidery Embroideries, which we have specially made according to the customer's wishes. Order your personalised basic yoga mat, which is unique on this planet.

The basic yoga mat with the PLUS

We have also included the yogimat plus here with the basic yoga mats, although it already offers something extra compared to the great basic mats. The yogimat plus is longer than the yogimat basic and is also thicker and therefore softer and more cushioning.

More basic yoga mats

In our "Basic yoga mats" section you will also find, among others yoga mat for children and furthermore the yogimat jute, which combines the material of the Basic mat with the unusual but wonderful material jute. You will also find the somewhat thinner yogimat special.

Your Basic yoga mat from the YOGISHOP is certified

In the individual product descriptions, also look out for the reference to the certificate Certificate: Many of the basic yoga mats available from us are eco-text certified (Ökotex Standard 100).

All about the basic yoga mat: Frequently asked questions by yoga newcomers

  • Why do I need a yoga mat? Can't I just as well use a gym mat instead? Gym mat instead?
    A Yoga mat has some differences compared to a gym mat. It is more slip-proof and its thickness has been adapted to the requirements of yoga practice yoga practice. A lot of know-how from yoga practice has gone into the development of our yoga mats Yoga practice has gone into the development of the yoga mats available from us Yoga - this is a noticeable advantage over a gymnastics mat Advantage.
  • I am new to yoga, but am starting with a very challenging style of yoga. Is for me a basic yoga mat the right choice or is another model more sensible?
    In fact Indeed, the yoga style practised plays a certain role in the selection of the optimal yoga mat plays a certain role. For example, perspiration is a factor in the choice yoga mat, and sweating can of course also occur a lot in beginners' classes a lot. For example, if you practise a dynamic flow or a static, but very strength-intensive but very strength-intensive style, will probably sweat more in general than someone who than someone who practices a very gentle and calm style - regardless of whether you are a beginner or an Beginner or advanced. And in some yoga styles it is even the beginners' courses are taught in a very physical way, while later on the focus is more on spiritual aspects and meditation and meditation. So, if you have chosen a yoga style that requires a very non-slip yoga mat, it can make sense to look outside the basic yoga mat outside the basic yoga mat category, e.g. the premium yoga mats Premium yoga mats. If you generally sweat quickly or practise a type of yoga where you of yoga that automatically makes you sweat a lot, you should make sure make sure you choose a yoga mat that is super-slippery, even under a lot of Even when exposed to a lot of moisture. Our customer service advise you on this. If you do hot yoga, we recommend our special hot yoga mats.
    Independent yoga style, many beginners also like to use the designer yoga mats or the Design yoga mats or the particularly comfortable comfort yoga mats, whereby it is then simply a question of taste.
  • Should i should consider anything special when choosing my basic yoga mat?
    You can find some hints on this in the previous answer, which is about the cases in which a model from in which cases a model from another mat category might be more suitable might be more suitable. In general, however, it can be said that a Basic yoga mat is an uncomplicated and universal model for the majority of yoga yoga beginners a very good choice for the time being. The yogimat basic is most people are well advised to use the yogimat basic. If you are very tall or if you simply like it spacious spacious, you can opt for the yogimat XXL version. If you want more padding, we recommend the yogimat plus. Since our Yogamats are also suitable for allergy sufferers, you don't usually have to allergy sufferers, you do not usually have to pay attention to this. If you have any questions, you can always contact our competent customer service.

We wish you lots of fun with your basic yoga mat! Discover how good yoga does...

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