In in this section you will find various models made of natural materials. Natural yoga mats from the YOGISHOP are, for example, made of natural rubber, cork, jute or virgin wool Cork, jute or virgin wool.

Natural yoga mats: a sustainable and a continuing trend

You don't have to be an explicit green yogi to have a desire to live as close to nature as possible nature as possible and to treat and protect the environment with consideration. If this aspiration is also one of your heart's desires, then you are probably - like a lot of yoga practitioners - putting a lot of effort into your yoga practice yoga mat - like many other yoga practitioners - you will probably attach importance You probably also attach importance to an ecologically compatible natural material. The YOGISHOP has been Has been constantly expanding and developing its range of natural mats and expanding. This means that you will always find new yoga mat models made of Natural materials. When it comes to natural yoga mats, we offer a very wide selection Selection.
Whoever thinks that natural yoga mats are just a compromise or a pure Or a mere concession to ecological requirements, you are fortunately wrong, natural yoga mats are on a par with other (one could say "conventional") performance in no way inferior to other (one could say "conventional") models. On the On the contrary: it is natural materials such as rubber that are among the most slip resistance, they are among the most popular yoga mats of all yoga mats. Natural yoga mats therefore meet both the love of nature and the requirements of asana practice the requirements of asana practice and are therefore, for a variety of reasons, one of the most and are therefore among the absolute bestsellers in the range for a variety of reasons. This is a Development that has been observable for a long time, and which will certainly will continue for a long time to come. Natural yoga mats have already proved their worth and at the same time are the future - with a natural yoga mat you are in with a natural yoga mat.

Natural yoga mats made of rubber

As already briefly mentioned, rubber is a natural material that is quite suitable for for non-slip yoga mats, as it has an extraordinarily high slip resistance high slip resistance. Rubber can be used to make yoga mats with a great Grip and good durability. Provided there is no latex allergy, natural rubber yoga mats are ideal for most users ideal. The YOGISHOP has various models of natural rubber yoga mats in its assortment of natural rubber yoga mats, including the high quality natural yoga mat yogimat sun from the manufacturer YOGISTAR Manufacturer YOGISTAR. This natural yoga mat of the newest generation is a Model for the highest demands and stands out from other models due to its many from other models, e.g. by the generous dimensions and the bright, beautiful colours, beautiful colours. But also the yogimat pure eco of the same manufacturer is an excellent natural yoga mat, which also offers the advantages of natural Natural rubber. The yogimat travel is also a natural yoga mat made of rubber Rubber: it is a model that has been designed to be very thin, so that it feels so that this mat can be folded to a small size and carried in a suitcase or travel bag to save space In a suitcase or travel bag. Among the natural rubber mats, that have been in the range for the longest time is the yogimat terra with a high-quality with a high-quality border. In this diverse range of natural yoga mats made of rubber of natural rubber yoga mats, everyone will find their favourite model!

Natural yoga mats made from virgin wool

A special feature in the YOGISHOP range is the virgin wool yoga mat of the type yogimat nature - virgin wool. This natural yoga mat produced by the manufacturer YOGISTAR yogamat is very popular with seminar centres and therapeutic practices Its cosy pile, it creates a comfortable atmosphere in which you immediately feel at ease Atmosphere in which you can immediately feel at ease. This natural yoga mat is also this natural yoga mat is also suitable for asana practice. This pleasant and yoga mat protects you from the cold and conveys an attractive appealing originality. The natural yogamat yogimat natur is also available in Organic virgin wool.

Natural yoga mats made from other Materials

Who would have thought that cork and jute are also suitable materials for yoga mats? are? The company YOGISTAR, from whom we obtain many models for our range company, has always thought about the advantages of natural materials and is and is considered particularly innovative in this respect, which is also reflected in the yogimat yogimat kork and yogimat jute. These two Natural yoga mats are not at all "08/15" - we say: Definitely try them out!


Nature yoga mats in portrait

Your yoga mat for Top comfort: the natural yoga mat yogimat sun makes you shine

You're looking for a yoga mat that's absolutely non-slip and keeps its great And reliably maintains its great non-slip properties even in the most sweaty asana practice? even in the most sweaty asana practice? The yogimat sun will inspire you! By the way, the yogimat sun is not only ultra-slip-resistant and generously dimensioned, but thanks to its special it is also completely ecological and free of harmful substances free of harmful substances. Its sunny colours will make you smile just as much as its top quality absolute top quality. This yoga mat will definitely bring sunny times.

Naturally non-slip: the yogimat kork natural yoga mat

Cork is a resilient and non-slip natural material - just the ideal for a yoga mat! The new yogimat kork is a favourite among the yogamat kork is a favourite among the environmentally friendly yogamats And great grip on any surface. In addition, the yogimat is easy to clean and a real eye-catcher, because cork is still a rarity as a material for yoga mats is still a rarity. The yogimat kork is highly resistant to abrasion and its Abrasion resistance and its edges are edged with cotton. An ideal Yoga mat for those who combine the highest demands with a preference for natural materials! Materials!

Good down to earth: the natural yoga mat yogimat terra

The yogimat terra natural yoga mat is a rubber mat, which has enjoyed great popularity in our range for a long time. It combines rubber with a flax-cotton fabric, which sets it apart from other from other natural yoga mats. Its natural look is another Characteristic of this natural yoga mat.


Natural luxury: the Natural yoga mat yogimat pure eco

This natural yoga mat has also been one of the stars of our This natural yoga mat has been one of the stars of our range for some time now and is a rubber mat par excellence. Visually, it impresses with its rich colours and the beautiful colour duos of the two differently nuanced sides the two differently nuanced sides.

Unusual and original: the yogimat jute natural yoga mat

The natural yoga mat with jute is undoubtedly one of the very special mats in the YOGISHOP range, as this material is naturally quite Yoga mat is, of course, quite innovative. You will be surprised how the jute mat is excellent to practise on and how much this Slip resistance this extraordinary natural yoga mat offers!

Wooly and warm and cosy and comfortable: the natural yogamat yogimat natur

The yogimat natur model is our model made of sheep's wool (for more information on this Natural yoga mat see also the information further up on this page in the paragraph "Natural yoga mats made of Virgin wool"). New wool has the property of being warming or cooling, i.e. temperature cooling, i.e. temperature balancing. It conveys a good feeling and radiates cosiness, which is why this natural yoga mat is in great demand for For seminar rooms etc. It has also proven itself in terms of slip resistance proven in terms of slip resistance. The yogimat nature is one of the "all time favourites" in the YOGISHOP and has a special place among our natural yoga mats

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