The yoga chair is an aids for all those who are limited in their And therefore perform yoga exercises exclusively or partially in a seated position yoga exercises exclusively or partially in a seated position. Various yoga teachers have developed exercise series that are specially designed for yoga practice on the chair. The yoga chair is ideal for this.

The yoga chair is stable and perfectly shaped

In order to be able to perform yoga exercises safely and unhindered, you should not use just "any" chair. The chair must be stable be stable in order to provide sufficient safety (for example, it may not be used during Exercises with a certain dynamic or with weight shifts) and should have a and should have a shape that offers enough freedom and does not constrict not constricting. The yoga chair from the YOGISHOP fulfils these criteria perfectly. In addition, the metal yoga chair is foldable and therefore easy to store to stow away.

The yoga chair offers many possibilities for practising

Yoga on a chair - is this really possible? You bet it is! A greater variety of sensible and effective exercises can be performed on the yoga chair Exercises than you might imagine at first. Yoga teachers such as Edeltraud Rohnfeld (author of the book "Yoga on the Chair") or Dr. Ronald Steiner have even compiled entire exercise sequences for yoga on the chair
Even and sometimes especially those who cannot move without restrictions and therefore cannot or can only partially participate in regular yoga classes, e.g. Vinyasa Flow classes classes, the yoga chair and the exercises that can be performed on it the yoga chair and the exercises that can be performed on it exercises that challenge them in a healthy way and promote strength, flexibility Coordination skills and much more. 

For whom is the Yoga chair suitable?

The yoga chair is an excellent tool for

, for example
  • Patients who are in rehabilitation or undergoing physiotherapeutic treatment
  • People who are permanently restricted in their limited in their mobility
  • older people for whom standing for long periods of time or strenuous movements are are not optimal (if necessary, it is of course advisable to consult with a doctor, which exercises may be performed).
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