Headstand stool

Headstand stools are a groundbreaking invention: standing on your head has never been so easy

Headstand stools, like most ingenious inventions, are simple but effective: with this aid, you can easily get into a full inverted posture. There is no pressure on the head, but you can move your legs to your heart's content. Discover the world from a new perspective: "upside-down" is easy! The YOGISHOP offers you various stools, including the models from FeetUp.

Headstand postures, made easy with the headstand stool 

With the headstand stool, you have new opportunities to "stand on your head". You can't do the headstand without assistance at the moment or you feel insecure? You can do the headstand without problems, but can only hold it for a short time, but you would like to stay in this position longer? Or you feel the pressure on your head is uncomfortable or the strain on your neck is too high? The stool for headstands solves all these problems, because thanks to this ingenious aid you can...

  • Record the headstand safely and without further assistance
  • hold the headstand for a long time
  • Enjoy the headstand without strain
  • practise the headstand without straining the neck and without uncomfortable pressure on the head

The different headstand stools in YOGISHOP

The metal headstand stool 

We offer the headstand stool with a chrome-plated metal base and an upholstery made of imitation leather in two different upholstery colours (red and blue). With its resilient steel frame, it can support a weight of up to 150 kilograms. This stool itself brings a weight of 8 kilograms.

The headstand stool made of sturdy wood from FeetUp

The well-known manufacturer FeetUp is of course also represented in the YOGISHOP with its high-quality headstand stool. FeetUp classic or FeetUp choco (dark lacquered) are both made of beech plywood, which is bent in one piece. The comfortable imitation leather upholstery of the FeetUp stools is hard to beat in terms of comfort, which makes practising with this aid particularly pleasant. This headstand stool could theoretically withstand several muscle-bound yogis at once: The model from FeetUp can support a weight of up to 400 kilograms! FeetUp stools are manufactured in the Allgäu region of Germany. The stool by FeetUp is also known from the press.

As accessories for the headstand stool by FeetUp, we offer the anti-slip nubs manufactured by FeetUp itself on. On smooth parquet floors, on tiles or outdoors, they ensure that your stool stays exactly where you placed it, giving you extra safety when using the headstand stool. 

By the way: FeetUp has developed numerous exercise sequences that usefully incorporate this aid. If you are looking for creative ideas on how to discover inversion postures in a whole new variety, you can take a look at the manufacturer's website and find many surprising application possibilities (compiled in a free PDF). Numerous well-known yoga teachers appreciate and recommend FeetUp and have put together sophisticated exercises with the popular inversion aid together with FeetUp founder Kilian Trenkle, who even offers training courses on yoga with the stool for headstands.

Every day headstand with the headstand stool 

Get the urge? If you too want to get into the inverted posture with ease and integrate it into your daily routine again and again (after all, the benefits of inverted postures have been known to yogis for a long time), then you too can secure your headstand stool!


What can a headstand stool be used for?

With a headstand stool, it is easier to assume the various postures in yoga that require an inverted posture. Some find headstand easier with aids or feel self-conscious without help. The pressure on the head and the strain on the neck, which can be uncomfortable for some yogis, are also alleviated by a stool.

What material is a headstand stool made of?

Our headstand stools are available in models with a chrome-plated metal base and imitation leather upholstery, as well as a wooden model from FeetUp. This version also has a faux leather cushion to make supporting yourself on the stool as comfortable as possible.

What are the benefits of inverted posture with the headstand stool?

Inverted postures in yoga have many benefits. They stabilise the cardiovascular system and improve brain function. This increases your ability to concentrate and makes you less tired. In addition, the inverted postures put you in a good mood and literally give you a new perspective - which can also help you to get a new view of yourself and your situation. Our headstand stools help you to do the inversion postures.

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