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With the different water bottles from the YOGISHOP, you always have your your favourite drink with you at all times - in the yoga studio, in the gym, at the Yoga festival etc.

With a water bottle, you're never out of water

Drinking is important for the organism and is particularly important during physical exertion And should not be neglected during physical exertion (e.g. sweaty asana sequences) everyone knows that drinking is important for the body. Nevertheless, one often has a drink within reach. However, if you make it a habit to go to sporting events, or even to yoga classes, you should drink something. yoga classes, you will always have your favourite drink at hand always have your favourite drink at hand.
Our drinking bottles are not only attractive to look at, but they are also they are naturally free of harmful substances, so that you really enjoy drinking from them. In addition the drinking bottles from the YOGISHOP are robust and hard-wearing. You can find out more about about our water bottles in the following short notes and in the individual individual product descriptions.

Drinking bottles with yoga prints

Of course, the drinking bottles from the YOGISHOP also have a visual Yoga reference - at least for some of our models that reflect your love of yoga in their design Yoga in their design. Discover our water bottle with YOGISHOP logo and the imprint "Shanti" / "Peace" or our OM drinking bottle as well as the YOGISTAR drinking bottle with the word "Love". (If you are familiar with the research of Masaru Emoto, you will be especially pleased with such a drinking bottle! such a drinking bottle especially!)

Special Drinking Bottles: Energise your drink with the i9 bottle

The i9 drink bottle is much more than just a container in which you can You can carry liquids in: According to the manufacturer, this drinking bottle has, a special effect on the contents. It is said to enhance the natural ability of Water's natural ability to cleanse and restructure itself. The i9 Drinking bottle is available in different colours and in the multicoloured variant "Chakra" available.

The Drinking bottle with thermal effect: the Yoga Mug

When it comes to hot drinks, the Yoga Mug is the perfect drinking bottle, because it keeps your tea or coffee nice and warm. The Yoga Mug is easy to and is shaped like a drinking cup, from which you can comfortably drink directly drink directly.

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