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Design yoga mats are yoga mats with different prints. These mats bring, besides the for asana practice, these mats also have a special look and inspire with their and inspire with their beautiful patterns.

Your design yoga mat is individual and stylish

A beautiful design pleases the eye and the heart. It also makes your mat mat into something special and reminds you of something you associate with every positive associations. Various tasteful designs ranging from yogic symbols from yogic symbols and subtle patterns to eye-catching prints make the Yoga mats from the Yogishop are sought-after types of mats, which, with their special with their special look, are highlights of our range.

What features does my Design yoga mat?

Most of the models in our designer yoga mat segment are based on the yogimat basic, so they have the characteristics of this model and differ yogimat basic and differ from the regular basic mat only in the print design. There models, such as the yogimat ultra grip Black Indian Flower or the yogimat ultra grip Black Indian Flower or the yogamat yogimat image (both just like the yogimat basic from the manufacturer Yogistar) or the YoMat Heritage (from another manufacturer) another manufacturer). You can find more information about the product features directly in the the detailed descriptions of the different design yoga mats.

Floral Design Yoga Mats

Like yoga in a flower meadow: The yogimat basic Indian Flower brings flower power to yoga! Flower design brings flower power to yoga! The yogimat basic Indian Flower is a yoga mat with recognition value. A delicate floral pattern on this mat provides the provides the very special inspiration for this mat. Of course, this model is also Model is non-slip and absolutely tried and tested, just like all yogamats from Yogistar. This eye-catching mat brings an exotic touch of Indian feeling to every yoga studio. Become a flower child with yoga and the Indian Flower mat!
If you want extra grip, you can get the yogimat yogimat ultra grip with its almost mystical, very refined black flower design Flower design.

The design yoga mat with the OM symbol

The yogimat basic OM shows the Om in its Devanagari symbol. The well-known Bija mantra has a high status in yoga and is strongly associated with yoga associated with yoga. That's why a design yoga mat with the OM in our OM in our range of yoga mats. Simple, but beautiful and always an auspicious statement!

The design yoga mat for better Alignment

The design yogimat plus alignment owes its design not to optical, but to pragmatic demands: Its special purpose is to give you to give you orientation for the alignment in the asanas. Especially in Yoga styles in which great importance is attached to a certain alignment, this little this little help can be very welcome. Many yogis and yoginis are aware of the the practical design of the yogimat plus aligmnet and no longer want to use it when and would not want to do without it when practising the asanas.

The design yoga mat with the Spirit of the Elements

The yogimat basic elements in the variants akasha (ether / sky), jagad (earth), agni (fire) and jala (water) is a design yoga mat inspired by the colours of the Inspired by the colours of the elements. Whether celestial white-blue, rich green earth and meadow earth and meadow tones, fiery orange or the deep blue of the sea - everyone will find their their favourite model here. This design yoga mat has been in our range for a very long And still enjoys great popularity. You too can discover the magic of the elements and let it inspire you anew every day.

The Sri Yantra on your Design yoga mat

The Sri Yantra is said to have special powers indian spiritual tradition have certainly heard of it. This beautiful and meaningful geometric figure adorns the yogimat basicSri Yantra. Get a design yoga mat that combines a beautiful look with a meaningful background with a meaningful background.

The design yoga mat with the flower of the Life

The Flower of life is an ancient symbol of protection that is once again being appreciated again today. This beautiful symbol forms the imprint of the Design yogamat basic Flower of Life. One like none! Order this design yoga mat and enjoy the uniqueness of the Flower of The uniqueness of the flower of life every day

A design yoga mat with a Panorama

The yogimat image is still quite new in the range and adds a further Yoga mats in a whole new direction: this design mat surprises with its full-surface with full-surface photo prints, currently with four different motifs different motifs. Immediately put yourself in the holiday mood, remember the magic of nature the magic of nature, immerse yourself in the imagery! The yogimat image takes you you on a journey to dreamlike places and power spots. This unusual Design yoga mat is very suitable for hot yoga, because it becomes more It becomes more slip-resistant when exposed to moisture. A design yoga mat that will will be talked about a lot!

The YoMat Heritage - a design yoga mat with a Design yoga mat with a special background

The design yoga mat Heritage by YoMat is inspired by the ethno look ethno look. The prints are based on tribal patterns and thus convey a refreshing multiculturalism a refreshing multi-culti statement. Whether it's Bali, Japan or South America - this Yoga mat pays homage to various regions of the world and creates a special a special look that harks back to rich traditions. Also this design yoga mat is also particularly suitable for hot yoga, because it is (similar to the yogimat image design yoga mat) is a thin microfibre mat which Mat, which becomes even more slip-resistant after absorbing moisture than before than before.

Stand out positively with your Design Yoga Mat

You are often at yoga conferences or at other events with large classes or in a yoga studio with a lot of students? Especially then your design yoga mat with its special look will stand out pleasantly. At Yoga philosophy states in a touchingly clear way - we are all one but on the outside, a variety of colours, shapes and designs is something wonderful is something wonderful and should be celebrated! In this sense yoga mats with their beautiful, unmistakable prints are simply eye-catchers that Eye-catchers that are always a joy to look at

Your design yoga mat has Quality

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the design yoga mats do not differ in their From the other yoga mats of the same type in our range Range. They are not only distinguished by their beautiful prints, but also by their excellent but also have the same excellent quality and practicality as all And practicality as all the other mats. The great design is the the icing on the cake, so to speak, of a mat of the usual great quality.

The five top features of our Design yoga mats at a glance:

  • Every you will find eye-catching or discreet prints
  • Large selection of different patterns and symbols
  • special and original look for more individuality
  • different Models (e.g. basic mats, plus mats, microfibre mats)
  • same first-class quality as all other yoga mats in the range
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