If you want a yoga mat that expresses your uniqueness and bears an individual Uniqueness and bears an individual feature, then choose the "my yogimat basic" the "my yogimat basic", which we present in more detail below in the following.

Your individual yoga mat: my yogimat basic

The popular yogimat basic, the absolute classic in our range Classic in our range, is produced by the manufacturer YOGISTAR in many different in many different colours. However, if you do not only want your favourite colour colour, but would like to customise the yogimat basic with your own logo or Logo or lettering of your choice, then my yogimat basic is exactly what you need my yogimat basic is exactly what you need: With this yogamat embroidery is applied to this yoga mat, which is made according to your specifications. To do this you simply send our customer service team a template, which will then be implemented accordingly. You can find more details in the product description.

An individual individual yoga mat as a signboard for your yoga school

Especially for yoga schools and yoga studios or for seminar centres, the yogimat basic is a great option for yoga schools and yoga studios or for seminar logo looks great on the yoga mat.

Totally and entirely yours: the individual yoga mat bears your signature

The individual yoga mat is also a nice idea for private use, for those who want to express their individuality on their yoga mat Yogimat basic gives you the opportunity to express your own creativity their own creativity.

The individual yogamat my yogimat basic as a gift

If you are looking for a special gift for a yoga-enthusiast, you have come to the right place the individual yoga mat my yogimat basic, because this yoga mat is a unique gift this yoga mat is unique and can be made into a very personal present Personalised lettering to make it a very personal gift. Such a Such a gift has style and gives a lot of pleasure.

We wish you lots of fun with the individual yoga mat my yogimat basic, which will be embroidered according to your wishes!

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