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A great selection of meditation cushions

Meditation cushions with artfully decorated silk cover and decorative appliqués, meditation cushions with durable cotton cover, chenille cover, canvas cover, or a cover with lotus properties (i.e. water- and dirt repellent) - you will find all of these and more at YOGISHOP. Square, round, or half-moon shaped - all cushions are filled with spelt husks. Find your favourite meditation cushion!

Meditation cushion - benefits

A meditation cushion offers a simple, yet comfortable seat - and promotes a great posture. The slight elevation allows your knees to reach the ground easier, while the spine straightens virtually without effort. Thus the cushion will allow you to remain in a meditation pose much longer. Meditation cushions are furthermore simply comfortable to sit on: they are warm and soft, but also offer body support. As the spelt husks filling adapts to the shape of your body, the cushion offers a lot more comfort than meditating on the bare floor or on a yoga mat. It also offers enough stability to remain in the same meditation pose for an extended period of time, without having to adjust your position. The fill height of the meditation cushions from YOGISHOP can also be adjusted to allow for the exact elevation you need.

What else can you do with a meditation cushion?

Meditation cushions are perfect for cosy seating arrangements, and are an easy take-along option for your next Kirtan concert visit. They will also serve you well at seminars or presentations. Meditation cushions are a great seat options wherever you go.

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