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The YOGISHOP yoga mats are ideally suitable for use as gymnastics mats.

Lots of gymnastics mats to choose from

For traditional belly, butt & thigh exercises, for rehabilitation training, or any other type of workout ? the YOGISHOP yoga mats are useful for any type of training. YOGISHOP offers non-slip yoga and gymnastics mats in a wide range of materials. There are 100% natural materials like jute or natural rubber, and also the eco-friendly and innovative TPE foam ? so if you are looking to buy a toxin-free gymnastics mat, then YOGISHOP is the place for you. Of course there are also gymnastics mats made from traditional plastic materials available here. Gymnastics mats should be wear-resistant and last for a long time. These criteria are fully fulfilled by the yoga mats available from YOGISHOP. YOGISHOP mainly focuses on providing non-slip gym mats as they were designed primarily with yoga exercises in mind, were slip resistance is an absolute must. YOGISHOP also offers the right types of gym mats for therapeutic exercises, where thicker, more comfortable mats are needed.

More than just gymnastics mats

In addition to gymnastics mats, YOGISHOP also offers a great selection of fitness equipment and innovative gym products. At YOGISHOP, you will find not only a variety of different gym mats but also all kinds of equipment for a varied training routine promising lots of fun. If you are thinking of using your gym mat for yoga as well, then YOGISHOP will have a great selection of other items to choose from that will enhance your yoga experience and lifestyle.

A new era of gym mats has begun

In the past, there was hardly any choice to make when it came to gym mats ? those days are long gone! Now there is a broad spectrum of different mat types to choose from to cater to any kind of gymnastics or workout, while also taking into account individual tastes and styles. Find your very own favourite gym mat at YOGISHOP!

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