Yoga cushion for your meditation practice

Are you interested in meditation or already immersed in this core yoga practice? Then a yoga cushion can support you in finding a comfortable, upright and stable meditation posture and maintaining it effortlessly throughout the duration of your meditation. The spine should be as upright as possible during meditation, and at the same time the sitting position should be comfortable for you. A yoga cushion helps you to adopt such a posture.

Discover your favourite model: a large selection of yoga cushions

To help you find the perfect yoga cushion, we offer a wide range of this useful equipment. Different materials and designs allow you to find a favourite model that you will enjoy using again and again and that will stay with you for a long time. In addition to its practical use for meditation, your yoga cushion can also become an accessory that decorates your yoga room or living room, because the high-quality cushions from the YOGISTAR range are also eye-catchers with their attractive appearance. In particular, the yoga cushion promotes a good sitting posture, which is the basis for meditation. It not only helps you to keep your back straight, but also makes it easier to bring your knees down, which is recommended when sitting in meditation. In order for you to be able to adopt the most favourable sitting position for you, most of our models are variable in height, because they are not only very flexible and adaptable anyway due to the filling material (we use spelt husk), but can also be filled individually (parts of the filling can be removed if necessary). Furthermore, our range includes various shapes, ranging from the classic round pillow to the half-moon shape. With the right cushion, meditation is much easier, because you can calm down undisturbed. ?

What else your yoga cushion can do...

Of course, you can use your yoga cushion not only for meditation, but also as a comfortable seat for pranayama sessions, or take it with you to mantra concerts and chanting evenings where you sit on the floor. Your cushion will also protect you from cold floors when practising in cool rooms. Make yourself comfortable on your yoga cushion - it is a product with a wide range of uses that completes your yoga equipment wonderfully. By the way: such an accessory is also a great gift idea for anyone interested in yoga, of course! Are you the owner of a studio and thinking about equipping yourself with yoga cushions? These beautiful practice accessories definitely enrich every yoga school and are almost indispensable for seminar and meditation centres! They can also be helpful for therapists, coaches and in many other contexts to sit opposite each other in a relaxed atmosphere. A cushion from YOGISTAR is always a good choice.

Your yoga cushion has quality!

As with all our products, we also pay attention to the highest quality in the yoga cushions. This means: robust and durable materials that have proven themselves in practice and at the same time fulfil sustainability criteria, clever cuts and designs as well as beautiful aesthetics. We offer yoga cushions made of environmentally friendly materials, some even in organic quality. Of course, we pay attention to careful processing and have taken criteria such as washability into account.


Who are yoga cushions suitable for?

Quite clear answer: yoga cushions are suitable for everyone. Whether you have been meditating for a long time or have just started, or whether you are looking for a suitable support for pranayama exercises or other breathing techniques, or simply want a cushion for events such as kirtan evenings - the cushions give you ideal support for a comfortable seat.

Why are yoga cushions so recommended for meditation?

For meditation, an upright sitting posture is recommended. Yoga cushions encourage such a posture and help to maintain it effortlessly throughout the duration of meditation. They allow you to sit in a relaxed position with your spine erect and make it easier to bring your knees close to the floor.

Which yoga cushion is right for me?

Basically, it's simply a matter of taste! Let your feelings guide you when choosing your cushion - as yoga cushions are variable in their filling height, you can set up the height of each cushion to suit you exactly.

Can the yoga cushions be cleaned?

Yes, the cushions can be easily cleaned or washed. The covers of the yoga cushions are removable and machine washable, after which your cushion will be wonderfully fresh and almost like new again.

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