The Jade yoga mat gives superior support and does not slip. 

Jade's best-selling mat, the Jade Harmony Professional is 5mm thick. It therefore provides good cushioning while still being stable for standing postures and balance exercises. 

The Jade Yoga Mat: Everything you want from a yoga mat 

A Jade yoga mat not only impresses with its low thickness combined with good cushioning. They also offer you an incredible grip that won't let you slip off during your exercises. Even if you sweat a lot during yoga training, you can rely on the Jade yoga mat to keep its grip and remain absolutely non-slip. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials - your yoga. The Jade yoga mat is available in many different colours such as Tibetian Orange, Olive Green, Purple, Black and Midnight Blue. Besides the standard size of 173cm (68in), we also offer the Jade Yoga Harmony in the XL version with a length of 188cm (74in). The thickness of the mat is 5mm (3/16in) for both models. This makes it particularly flat and easy to roll up to save space. Thanks to the soft rubber material, you are always well cushioned while practising your flow and can let yourself fall completely into your yoga

The Jade yoga mat as a sustainable mat for your practice 

Jade yoga mats are all sustainably produced. Their natural rubber comes from rubber trees, a rapidly renewable resource. There is no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber in a Jade yoga mat. Manufacturing is done in accordance with US environmental, labour and consumer protection laws in the United States itself. The company is in partnership with the organisation "Trees for Future," which not only contributes to climate protection through the use of tree planting and regenerative farming practices, but also to ending poverty and hunger among small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. For every Jade Yoga mat sold, Jade plants a tree and has thus already contributed more than one million trees to the project to date. By buying a Jade Yoga Harmony, you too can make a contribution to improving our climate and reducing poverty

Quality yoga mat Jade Yoga Harmony - by yogis for yogis 

When selecting yoga mats for our YOGISHOP, we pay special attention to quality. We practice yoga intensively ourselves and have been active in the scene for years. We therefore know what is important in a good mat. With a Jade yoga mat, you get a mat that has also convinced us as yogis and that also enjoys an excellent international reputation. The positive customer reviews speak for themselves. Jade yoga mats are also popular in studios in Germany and abroad, and even at events and conferences on the subject of yoga, many intensively practising yogis and yoginis roll out a Jade yoga mat

Is the Jade Yoga Mat the perfect yoga mat for you? 

Not sure if the Jade Yoga Mat is right for you? Use our yoga mat finder and we'll give you suggestions for a mat that suits your level, your environment and your body. We'll also give you more tips and product suggestions that might suit you


What are the characteristics of a Jade yoga mat?

A jade yoga mat is particularly slip-resistant and does not lose this property even if you sweat a lot during your exercises. Despite its low thickness, the Jade Yoga Harmony is extremely soft and provides a good cushion for your asanas.

What sizes are available for the Jade yoga mat?

The Jade Yoga Mat comes in the standard size at 173cm or 68in. It also comes in the XL version at 188cm, which is 74in. Both models are only 5mm or 3/16in thick and are therefore particularly flat.

How do I know if the Jade Yoga Mat is right for me?

If you're not quite sure whether the Jade yoga mat is really right for you, we recommend our yoga mat finder. There you enter your level, where you practice and how much you sweat during the exercises. Based on your input, we will recommend the yoga mats and other products from our shop that suit you and your yoga.

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